A triple cola top

I will forward a picture if needed but my question is has anyone else ever have a triple cola top? I thought a cat ruined it but to my surprise I found this plant that has a main stem that grows up and out to 3 full main colas. It straight up looks like a trident fork! Now knowing that would you be wise to top all three and take a chance or leave well enough alone??


I have one too. when i get home i’ll try to upload a pic

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If they are getting light and you top it you are a fool. I had 1 cola over 2 feet like and it looks like a X-mas tree. Its so big I could only get about 1/2 in the photo.

I specialize growing super monsters. I am not your typical grower.:+1:

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Yeah she’s outside in the best possible spot. Thanks

Sounds similar to results of a “fim” cat probably damaged enough to make it happen.


That cat needs a job in my garden. I never hot on my FIMs


You’re chasing the wrong putty tat

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Maybe the kitty can hook me up with fims for the rest of his/her lifetime!