A Topic for us little growers 2×2 size grow tents

Im the little guy, 2x2, no meters, no ac unit, small fans. Hot as …in texas then, cold now.

First advice from forum in late july, good light and good genetics. I wanted simple, easy, no hair pulling, and we are weeks away from harvest with the same goals, produce our own smoke.

One of three plants who look similar. New hlg light, 150.oo seeds pot for pot, 100.oo. we spent less than 600.00 on all, nutes, coco, seeds, light p4p.

Its paid for in one grow. We pay up to 300.00 a zip for the same flavor for about 7 yrs .

We watered and watched, and watched, and still watch to learn the plant. Not bad for 60 yr olds.

We was advised on number of plants, we will only do 2 next time. Seeds dropped on sept. 1, and 78 days later we are very close to our first banana kush autos harvest.

  We have been sampling since oct 1.  This was 30 days.

so number 3 wont make much, but the two others will be over 3 ounces at least, maybe more, we are no longer buying any.


By the way, our tent is a rv shower, we was given the advice of room for 2, we knew 3 was better, and still know 3 would be better, yet, standing room only for 2 max, we are slightly bigger than 2x2.

Heres the girls

Dont mind the Christmas decorations, mama been pimping her out for kushmas contest at pot for pot.com


AWESOME, this is going to turn out to be a great Forum topic. Whenever i try to get advise before. The first thing someone starts with the PPM and PH and PPE and PPF, CO2 etc. Way to much useless and Expensive input. I just water/ nutes every 3-4 days and pretty much nothing else. I do find myself checking out my beautiful dank plants 5 time a day.

Those peeps are where we want to be. Growing potent budz that get you high.

We baby steps, kiss, keep it simply simple. We read alot of journals, found one that was fixing to grow our selected strain, lived in our illegal area, thus same climate, used straight canna coir for his medium, and jacks nutes, 321, no mixing soils, check, nutes, 3.6 grams A, 2.4 grams B, and 1.2 grams epsom salt per gallon of water, check.
Good light, HLG300 rspec, :heavy_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

We did less, only 80% nutes, dialed our dimmer back 2 clicks less in veg and flower.

We hand watered based on drought to hydrating them. We lifted the pots everymorning lights on. When they felt dry snd no weight, we watered, lifted to feel difference, and waited till dry snd light again.

We had no issues, no overwatering, no nute burn, no light burn, all based on less is more.

We observed and still have lots to learn, know this, this forum is like Allstate, your in good hands and its their advise that got us to 78 days.


Yep, I do allot of research, read allot, HighTimes, And of course I read everything I can possibly understand on this forum . The Info and expert advice is incredible. You Canadians are some Pot growing maniacs’. Seems like damn near every Canuk ( Im advanced Sorry If the term is a insult) is growing Weed in his Entire Basement…

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Exactly. I agree. Only so much is possible in a limited space and budget. I dont think most give the credit where belongs. Is ILGM !! The seeds and Genetics just make growing good Genetics Weed a Pleasure. IGLM seeds are the key to the magic genie of kick ass buzz.


HAH, Girl Scout Cookies extreme. Next Im thinking Afghani Auto. Looks to be a Kick ass Indica


Or maybe some Sour Diesal or Super Skunk. Im having one helluva time making up.my mind what to grow next. Super Skunk is reminiscent of my time in the Navy in the early 80s in Southern California has great buzz, not so great THC levels, kinda my 1st choice. But low THC?? Then there is Sour Diesal became a favorite when the 1st Despensarie opened, Good buzz also. But I also keep leanings towards just growing the Afghani a Kick ass Couch lock after work chill out buzz. Has high THC.???

The more I think about it, maybe its just the old fart stoner in me, for always going with the strains I recognize. The old skool weed I read about in the HighTimes Magazine ( not .com) in the 80s when I was all stoned up on Ocean Beach CA hanging out at the Black( the most coolest Headshop ) reading HighTimes and Fat Freddy and the Furry Freak Brothers comics, while waiting for Rocky Horrors Picture Show movie to begin lining up. The best entertainment was the freaks in line and in the audience. Man, I had such adventures in those young and Fucked up Days. Anyway I guess I should Maybe explore some of the new hybrids/super potent Millennial weed Strains or not.

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Mostly smoking then was Mexican almost Sensimella, had some seeds. The real good Medicino/Humbolt county stuff was super expensive, hard to get ( a trip to T.J. was so easy for weed and ) and mostly stayed in Northern California. I did ride my motorcycle up to Northern California and indulge in what was probably some of the greatest weed in US. Someday soon I need to make out for another Adventure in North California

Wedding cake, buy 10 get 10, 99.00 upto 24-25%thc i wonder how good those might be.

Tough decision. The ILGM strains are all Awesome.

11 weeks, be smoking some soon

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Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. Going to be super good. This is my best grow so far . Im so ready to Smoke


Hey, fellow Budsters, Morning , looks like my main cola is just wanting to grow out everywhere. A couple of little foxtails poking out at the very top. I figure this because of the light still. I have raised the TS1000 to its highest

point. It is 18 inches away and still the heat is affecting it just a little and probably the intensity of the light. Which is kinda funny in that. The very first thing the Weed Grower Magic Wizards tell me is to get a More powerful light??? 2×2 tent ? NO way.

I’m getting anxious. I think I can stick to my plan. 6 days out from chop today. At day 4, Im going to ice roots. 48 hours out darkness. I think I should be at 10% amber. Im looking for a good evening smoke. Dont want to much CBD. Just a little


Getting close, gonna be good, nothing like growing your own.

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