A thought to ponder


In a time when our species is rushing headlong toward committing suicide of the entire species, a time of mass extinction unmatched since the The Permian–Triassic (P–Tr) extinction event, commonly known as the Great Dying, we see the lowly Cannabis plant. A very ancient plant, unchanged for millions of years. Now there are millions of people, all over this globe of ours, safeguarding it, safeguarding it’s genetic heritage, both keeping pure strains found in the wild for breeding purposes, and, naturally, crossbreeding those to create even better offspring. People willing to put themselves in harms way, to accomplish this task. It is easy for me to think that Cannabis may well be one of the last plants to go, when this world becomes uninhabitable for humans.

My thought is - Who is domesticating whom?



The same can be said of domestic pets, lol. Actually there are some slightly on the fringe, anthropologist that believe higher consciousness and civilization only arose after mankind started experimenting with cannabis and other psychedelic, psychotropic, and otherwise psychoactive plants.


Another thought to ponder, it is believed that cannabis was one of the first plants of agriculture, isn’t it interesting then that agriculture, writing and the first civilizations all started at about the same time, about 3000 to 4000 B.C.

If you smoke it, they will come…



I am starting to run down, so I can’t think of the proper reference, but we humans are repleat with Cannibiniod Receptors, in our brains, and elsewhere. Evolution has ‘designed’ Cannabis and us to have a symbiotic relationship. The Universe, or the gods, if you are so inclined, gave us this most precious of gifts, to ease our pains, and sooth our worse fears, and troublings of our minds. I repeat myself, but Cannabis is sacred to me. I have a deep and enduring symbiotic relationship with her. Primarily, she has kept me from going stark raving Mad, in a world which can be so very, very cruel, and inhumane. And illogical. And mean. And hateful. In those moments, she reminds me that there is goodness and love and security in the universe, and that those things are more important than the negative energy we all encounter at times.


Amen to that brother.


I hope every body caught the “fields of dreams” reference, lol, inferring smoking pot built civilization.


We caught it. Something to ponder…Some form of Cannabis was an ingredient in approx. 30% of all Medicine before Prohibition; If memory serves…