A theory of mine... autoflower flowering

I may be wrong, but from my experience (4 auto grows) I am starting to think that the happier the plants are, the longer they take… to an extent of course.
Thing is, flowering cannabis is actually a natural response female plants have when they can sense they are starting to reach the end of their lives, which is why they start to smell more and create trichomes to attract male pollen so they can produce seeds and maintain their lineage. My theory is that if they don’t feel like they are reaching the end, they continue to grow slowly and hence, will get bigger and flower slowly-er.
Again, this is just my theory based on a handful of articles, posts and ideas I have read, plus my experience with my personal auto grows and the feeding/environmental changes. The better schedule and environment my girls have had, the longer they go, the bigger they get and the slower the flowering process has been.
I have zero proof or backing besides my experience and personal research.
What do you all think of my theory? Am I full of shiz, or am I on to something?


I don’t have enough experience to agree or disagree. But it’s a very interesting thought. It makes sense. And I will definitely consider that moving forward, and test the theory. This is my first grow, 3 amnesia and 3 dreamberry both autos. But I will say my first plant to start flowering was the plant that was the biggest baddest healthiest one I had. So that kind of goes against your theory, but as they say…there is always exceptions to the rule. But I like your thoughts and will keep it in my mind moving forward. You might be on to something. :grin::+1:


Yeah. I think it is a loose theory at best as there will always be exceptions like phenotypes and strains. However, I think the justification makes sense. thanks for the input and kind words friend. :yum:

It would seem to me that would be true with any and all plant life. Cannabis in the wild trigger flowering once nights are 12 hours long. They do this cuz they know fall is coming and will die soon so they start flowering. But will continue to veg inside on 24 hours of light cuz they don’t sense the end coming. I’ve also heard from outdoor growers that in late flowering…they like those cool chilly nights cuz it makes the females pump up their buds in a rush to try and catch pollen as they know they will die soon. So if environmental factors make a cannabis plant flower cuz they know the end is near…then I could see how health factors might do the same. My opinion is if the plant thinks the end is near (whether its because of health reasons or environmental reasons) it would still want to try and flower, pollinate and seed. Doesn’t matter the reason for the end being near…I would think it would still want to complete its life cycle. So I guess you’ve just made me a believer lol. Thanks for expanding my mind on this beautiful Monday moring😂. Keep track of your theory…see how true it is. I know I will now. Ya got me thinking… (uh oh). Lol. I want to see if there is anything to it.


Bud Bump.

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I’m having kinda the same issue with my pineapple auto. Here is a pic. The AK47 and Banana Kush were planted a few days after. She looks healthy in pre flower but has been looking like this for about 2 weeks. Any thoughts?
The first in pineapple and the 2nd is AK