A story of the Golden Girls - White Widows.....Auto style

So wanted to do some water only pots (hopefully) and decided the Golden Girls and Stan would be perfect! They start out in Seedling starter soil, then as there experiencing life at a young age the have a layer of Happy Frog. From there as they move on to their “Golden” days is Jbum’s live or die soil I have a mixture of, manure, bone and blood meal, Biochar, gypsum.

Dorthy, Blanch, Rose, and Sophia are all waiting on Stan to pop up!! Ha women waiting on the man to pop up go figure!!!

These where all cooking in the oven Monday at 7 pm and here we are today!


Off to the races!!!

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Stan has finally decided to join the Golden Girls!


Ha well look at her woohoo

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@Psu8286 here is my soil mix I’m doing for WWA. In layers is the base with manure, bone meal, blood meal, etc on top of that is Happy Frog and in the solo cup size holes is seedling soil.

Well the Golden Girls and Stan are … well golden at the moment. They have some WW photos stacked on em at the moment but they don’t seem to mind!


Oh @Homegrown420 here to lol

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What you got going on

Just got done getting the fountain running in the pond.

How bout u mane?

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Im not doing anything its raining

@Cyle1 Well then grab a bowl let’s do that!

I just did a good ol dab

Are you going wait for screen be compleatly full b4 the flip?

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Probably not. I think I’m gonna flip in like two weeks. I should have another light by then (hopefully) so I can set up the veg tent for the WW photos and leave two WWA in this tent with the flowering light cycle.

My game plan anyway lol. I raised the light as they where just out of control I actually could use a little stretch. I also found some WPM that I am now treating and went back to full throttle on the fans. All three mind you lol

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Holy shit what you think that’s from

So much damn bush!!! They are so freaking smooshed together it’s ridiculous! So I put my fan back how I had it before cranked it up and rather deal with a few wind Burt leaves over WPM!!!



I also lowered my humidity in there. Just been sticky crazy hot here so

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Ya damm that’s shitty ya theres alot of plant there and its going strech