A small red & black fly was spotted

…and smooshed! :bug:

Nothing left to photograph, no noticeable holes in the leaves but I’m not sure what it was, any ideas?


"I don’t know man! I said the pass phrase and he didn’t respond. So I took him out! "


My bad. Had a real bad night and found the humor in this. I had to take the laugh that was offered.

Carry on, Soldier! :wink:

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So I’ve been all over the net I found something that looks sorta kinda maybe like it but when I followed the link to Leafy (which in my opinion really sucks, as they bowed to all kinds of authority and government regulations and if I was more specific I have to disclose some specific information that I’m not comfortable with disclosing, but I suggest everybody boycott leafy, thank you) of course it had nothing to do with the picture

I don’t recall ever seeing this particular bug so therefore I’m going to hope that it’s just a one time thhan…

anyway I got it, cost me a half of a leaf but I got the little bastard. I’m still hoping for some input…


You were only able to find one image that looked similar? Could you place that image here?


You’re a fan of Leafly too…:wink:

This is as close as I could find and it does not say anything about it. I don’t know what it is, I don’t think it’s common

And no I’m not a big fan of leafy just another one-size-fits-all corporate ripoff in my humble opinion

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Didn’t know I was setting myself up for beetle porn when asking for an image, but ok. :scream::no_mouth:

I’m not an entomologist, but it looks like some kind of predator beetle. Perhaps you had one of their cousins?

I honestly don’t think it was that. I can’t find anything else even remotely close so that was about it but the thing I saw I had wings

So I’m not going to worry about it, I’ll just keep an eye peeled, take care

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“Didn’t know I was setting myself up for beetle porn when asking for an image, but ok. :scream::no_mouth:

LMAO! I didn’t get it this morning… I don’t get much before coffee but those beetles are doing it! LOL …and you said Beetle porn!

too funny! …maybe I should delete that pic before I get flagged? :wink:

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Nothing the kids haven’t seen on the Discovery Channel.

Hey Mods? Can we keep this comic relief? PLEASE ?!?