A Single Seed WW

I was preparing a bud to smoke when I came across a small seed in it, this is from a WW strain. It looked like it was under developed, small and light in color almost like a small flower that didn’t blossom. So I decided to place it in some water to see if it would germinate and it did. Is this an inferior seed that will produce something out of the WW strain and should I continue to grow a plant from it?

I say Why Not! Worth a shot I’d say!

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Yeah man if it sprouted it should grow my gold leaf seeds were tiny and are turning in to beautiful girls

Go for it ! You cannot judge a book by the cover, same with cannabis seeds. If it sprouted, it wants to grow. If it comes out a good grow, you just got a whole bunch of weed for free !

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Yeah buddy it don’t get much better than free weed . I found one bud with 7 seeds out of all three of my ww plants and I fully intend on growing them . Since they are free I was thinking of planting two out back of my houst to see how they will do as a wild outdoor untended grow and just check on them at the end of the summer . This is where I have to grow at but it does not get much direct sun

Do any of the outside growers know if I am just wasting my seeds ?


Maybe I should have mentioned this was from a Feminized WW seed growth.

Depends on how it was pollinated and bred, and your the only one that could tell us what your growing if it was only a white widow crop then yes your going to have white widow seeds

There was no male plant in the area, so there wasn’t any pollination. This seed was produced solely by a plant grown from a Feminized seed. During the growth period there was never any light fluctuation. I did go from veg to flower from 18 hrs. to 14 hrs. and then gradually to 10 hrs. over a 10 week period. I have seen on i or 2 other times a seed embedded in a bud like this.

Doesn’t mean it didnt breed thats known as selfing which is when a plant does it by itself with no males

That’s funny, I guess my plant did it’s own Selfie! LOL

Will this seed produce a female plant?

25% chance, when a plant is selfed you get 4 varieties of seed (better said you get one of the four varieties).

  1. Male and female seeds
  2. Male female and hermie
  3. Feminized.
    4 offspring with limited to no variations from the mother plant

So I guess it’s not worth the effort, would you agree?

No id disagree id waste the time with it

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Plant it @Old_School we love the misfit seeds too! Lol

plant it bro
its not gonna kill you

Just hate to put all the time and energy in raising a male plant. :frowning:

I live in the SouthEastern USA and I received a seed in some of the bud I bought in fall of 2015. In May of 2016 I still had it in the pollen catch in my grinder so I said screw it and stuck it in a small clay pot on the deck. To my surprise, the little seed sprouted. Not only that, but by June she was already showing signs of being a her and outgrowing her pot so I planted her in the back yard. We had drought like conditions last summer but she still produced a little. I sort of wish I’d spent more time watering her - but she grew to about 5’ tall and the bud was pretty potent, but airy.

I say 100%, do it. Start in pots - just make sure they don’t dry out, then move to the ground once they’ve grown a few sets of fan leaves. If you do have a mix of females and males, get the males out ASAP or they’ll pollinate the females and they’ll produce more seeds and less bud.

Again, do it, do it, do it!!!

William E. Edman