A Simple Super Soil Mix Recipe by Yoshi for great quality premium buds and no tip burns!

It’s been since Tuesday since I’ve watered , I broke the Lil glass bubble on my ph pen and had yet to get a backup or a new one , I always like to keep a new ph pen just in case , and they are doing good :+1:. This GG4 is really putting on and it was topped twice back to back , top it , waited a week , topped it again and main lined it , I’ve LST 'Ed it , to now I haf to rigged up a temporary screen so I can keep it spreading outward and not upward and I have yet to start my vegging schedule yet like oh my seriously this is not coming to plan of maybe 4 under a screen after all being topped , well that is not what is going to happen from the looks of things cause the Gorilla Glue 8 gen seed is not really waiting on no one , it’s on a mad mission and each time I think I’m stunting the plant , it does the opposite and grows faster , when I’m purposely trying to stunt it on purposed ! Now the sonic screwdriver I want to go faster and it’s the slowest but this is what and how they do after they come up above ground . You can only do so much if the strain is strong cause they willbfrow and grow fast.


As I planned to grow 4 different strains is obviously not coming to fruition in compliance as to growing together , but as I all to know to well , I knew this before I got started just by the seeds and the types , I expected some slight differences, but as you guys and girls can see as a witness, it’s will be challenging growing multiple strains in the same tent , on the same soil , nutrients , etc , right. Each seed was from 4 different breeders and it’s showing big time in growth development, now the planting time is about 2 and half weeks difference only between 2 not all 4 , if that makes sense ? The dispensary gg4 found seed was planted after the sonic screwdriver and zwettle tooth but on the same day . The two indicas strains were planted at the sametime as well and that’s Skywalker O.G. and Zweetle Tooth cause the first bean never came up with the first 2 cause my original plan was one of each , a sativa , an indica , and one hybrid being I had just found the potshop seed , but it was very healthy seed and yes I had every intent to grow it out , it’s the gg4 plant and it’s mutant big time but it’s been a very interesting plant 🪴 since the first and second topping that was done a week apart to try and slow it down a but cause of how rapid its growing and stretching . Now I’m not sure if gg4 grows this rapid normally cause the last hundred or so was all from clone. Makes me really considering cloning this one before it’s done, are it can be a strong candidate for a reversion grow by the strength of the genealogy on this strain or breeder. But it has 3 nodes on one side and it has two complete opposite structure nodes growing on the otherside , and it’s starting to get that strong vine stretching going they do , now the last plant gg4 I finished was gifted from being neglected and I reverted it and flower it out . This thing is from seed and it’s been super strong from the very time it popped up above the dirt , it’s been on a mission . I have touched it twice , once being a week after topping , I’d topped it again in effort to try and stunt it a bit so the others could at least have a fair chance under a screen with it , UT I can tell that won’t happen so easily as I planned . I can try to veg out the 3 a couple more weeks , but if I don’t super crop it soon , I might have some height issues later , so hmmm ; or I’ll have to flip and control the gg4 and hope the others stretch up enough to even out the canopy , which in most cases , that won’t happen . Normally you let them veg through the canopy together at least half full and than flip and tuck .
Either I’ll try to hold it back with some ties are just start the flower process.

But over all to say I have not used any liquid grow nutrients , only seaweed extract 5mls a gallon , 5.8 ph , one liter of water if plant since transplant , this is the results as of now , which has been very simple. I probably watered only 3- or 4 times since the last week of April and the Zweetle Tooth is starting to drink a bit more than the sonic screwdriver and it got planted with the big behemoth gg4 but it’s more soil in the sonic pot than the Z.T. pot which can be why also but the water retention in my soil mix is outstanding :ok_hand:with great runoff if I pour in more water , which at this stage in veg , I think a gallon is plenty for 6 plants 🪴. Now again this can be all base on how a grower calendar his plants growing stages , which can be very versatile from one grower to another , yes big differences in ways and how growers calendar only photo periods . "Autos has they own set clock of course ", so don’t confused this with growing an auto . I have 2 ILGM autos outside I place popped seeds with a Lil tap root barely out the husk in dirt in a 3 gallon , which will be they final pot if or when they will decide to come up, it’s been about 4 days if not longer, but it’s been off and on raining and I left them sit out in the climate to see if they will come up and get going from after soaking. I don’t think I paper towel them either , I soaked them until I see the Lil white root pop from the seed husk and I put in the dirt just enough peat moss sprinkle over it to cover them but not bury them , and they not up yet as I’ve checked. I may have to go rooting the seeds to see if them are even trying to root are if I need to pop a few more to see if I get a better germination response , but I have not count them out just yet cause it’s has been raining and they delicate so Mayne once the rain slacks off , they may pop out , are I’ll have to get a couple more soaking , but I’m anxious to grow an auto outside again , I think they worth it under the sunlight as far as potency and taste for me .
I’m debating on giving them a light dose of "Open Seaseme " and start the :timer_clock: on 11/13 to get them on the way and just do the screen when I have a better set of plants at the same height or growth at least to fill the screen cause it’s no way I can do it like this with 4 different growth development and speed . They at least need to be around the same size more or less to veg them out for a more even canopy cause that gg4 ain’t slowing down , it’s getting stronger .

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I got a runt Bruce Banner but the other 2 are making up for it


Nice and strong, top them so they can blow up .

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I normally fem mine and have had pretty good luck . Like these

I had femmed this plant about a week before it went in the ground


Here is just an update photo :camera:!
Going into week 8 on next Wednesday according to calendar :date: , which I’ll be flipping from 6/2 to 12/12 the first 4 weeks of flower and I like to finish on 10/14 is how I get that crazy sick extra later of tricjomes and frosting on my colas to those is question @larry1 and a few others I have to go back and tag later. @PurpNGold74 @peachfuzz @Oldstoner @BigMommaC @DebbieM @spyonyou @Calizona @MadamCalamity and any others that may want a few inside nuggets on growing simple with out and liquid grow nutrients, only bloom boosters in flower but just a much simple easy way to grow your medicine consistently each time with out all the mixing and ph’ing due to everything single nutrient your growing plants will need to grow is all in the soil in the dry fertilizer form but can grow your plants from seed to harvest without any leaf burns are defiencies stress for the premium quality best !


How and When Trichomes Are Produced

After a few weeks, your crop is likely ready for the flowering stage. It is at this point when trichome production begins in earnest. When the marijuana plant starts producing flowers, trichomes appear on the outer surface. They start to transport plastids and vacuoles from their stalks in the gland’s head. Cells in the gland head metabolize and form the forerunner for cannabinoids.


CBGA: Exploring This Under-Studied Cannabinoid
THC and CBD wouldn’t exist wit…

Marijuana plants produce trichomes at different rates depending on numerous factors, such as growing environment and genetics. Strains that produce high trichome levels don’t necessarily contain high rates of terpenes or cannabinoids.

Factors such as UV light play a significant role in the overall terpene and cannabinoid synthesis within the trichome’s head.

Using Trichomes to Determine When to Harvest

Marijuana growers use trichomes to ascertain when their crop is ready for harvest. If the trichomes are clear, the plant isn’t ready for harvest. When the time is right, the trichomes will have a milky or cloudy color. Also, they often have what is called a ‘mushroom’ head.

If you wait too long to harvest, the trichomes will turn amber or brown. At this stage, some of the THC has been converted into CBN. As a result, the high you experience will probably make you feel sleepy and relaxed.

However, not every marijuana strain’s trichomes turn milky white when ready for harvest. You must become familiar with the traits of any strain you grow before placing too much reliance on trichome color.

Trichomes are extremely fragile and volatile at all stages. It doesn’t matter if they are still on the vine or if the plant is already harvested. Exposure to excess heat, light, or oxygen can degrade or destroy trichomes. Also, their potency will fall if you wait too long to cure and dry the weed.

Three Types of Trichomes

For the record, you find THC, CBD, and all the other cannabinoids in three specific trichome types.


1 – Bulbous

This trichome type is the tiniest of the three at just 10-15 microns. For the record, the width of human hair is approximately 40 microns. Bulbous trichomes appear on the surface of the whole plant.

2 – Capitate Sessile

These trichomes are slightly larger than their bulbous counterpart, and there are far more of them on the plant. Capitate sessile trichomes consist of a head and a stalk.

3 – Capitate Stalked

These trichomes are the largest and most abundant of the trio. Some of them achieve a size of up to 100 microns. This means it isn’t difficult to see them with the naked eye. Its waxy gland head is the main location for terpene and cannabinoid synthesis.

While all three trichomes produce cannabinoids, the capitate stalked version is the most abundant. You can see them around the calyxes of flowering marijuana plants. Their large size means they also produce the highest amount of essential oils.

Can Flushing Increase Trichome Production?

According to some growers, flushing cannabis plants with ice water can increase trichome production. You need to complete the process in the last week or two before harvesting. In general, cultivators flush their plants to remove excess nutrients. It helps ensure that the cannabis doesn’t have a nasty fertilizer taste.


Thanks, I was like, so what is accurate calendar schedule?

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Seedling and vegging is completely different.

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It’s really up to you after seedling which is usually officially after the first node.
Normally the signature leaves :leaves:are 3 finger than 5 and 7 and so on right , by the 7 finger set is officially the beginning of vegging until you flip . It’s what I’ve read :books: and used from the very beginning.


My 2 ILGM autos never came up , I’ll soak one of each , Bubble Gum auto , O.G.Kush auto and Jack Herer auto by ILGM and hopefully this time at least one shew , I hope they all not blanks but hey hurry up and wait right !


This is the actual second time growers should mostly defoliate , than super crop right before the light schedule :date: flip from Veg phase to Bloom phase. I’ll flip the schedule Monday which will be 2 days before the Eighth week in vegging , besides they should finish by Labor Day Smoke Fest !


I got my plants already potted so my next grow I’m gonna need that info

24 hours later , this makes no sense how fast this damn God’s Gift is growing , I just super crop it and squeezed one stalk a bit to hard and that still did not alow the progression down , I’m just in Aw like seriously , I’ve seen them grow fast , but this is not like anything I’ve experienced up until now . God 's Country Gift seeds are work every .01 cent , here is proof . But now the others have finally rooted to the bottom of they pots and it’s time to get on with the stretching and more rooting to put on the fruits . I’m very curious to see how this SkyWalkerOG is going to stretch , to read it can stretch with long twisted buds :thinking:, and I’m seeing it show its stretching potential cause it’s really spawning out the lower side shoots like crazy and they all bushed up waiting to stretch out . I’m really loving the plant structure of the Zweet Tooth/Love Portion#9 seed it’s looking very well formed to hold some massive short colas the kind that swells like baseball bats sort of , but once you grow out enough of them you kind of can see early on how the plants 🪴budding formation will develop and that what I read to focus on most in the last weeks of vegging is how many tops I can force out each plant and yet still control the stretch due to limited height room cause of my assortment of lights I’m running at the moment . But I’m almost about ready to just make the purchased and get on with the big show now in case I have to make other changes like I’m sure I’ll need another T6 to run with the S6 and I’ll reroute the T4 from the upper small port hole to cool the top of panels to help Temps when I get that Diablo or The 650S Dimmer or Gavita 1700e I’m not sure yet but it will be a much more simple rig than running 5 different spectrum rigs I have hooked up but is working to be quite honest and Temps is 78° - 81 °
humidity = 30% - 52% and my Lux is running over 320000 right at 18.7 DLi and 557 ppfd which is not perfect t but not bad either and it’s mainly white light and uv so this grow should be a bit interesting to say the least from what’s running , just a snippet of creativity can be another 4-6 ounce in bud weight difference sometimes, but I’ll keep you gals and guys up to date. No fancy feeding nutrients , the secret is in the soil but I’ll save that simple thing for the end as to a comparison .


Tropicana Cookies , Orange Cookies , and God’s Country Gift strains are all awesome and anybody who grows , must grow one of those 3 at least once ate you will miss out on a real treat I promise !


Oh oh , :flushed::eyes::sweat_smile::smirk::confused: it’s happening! This plant done already set its tap root , I want to say I think that sonic screwdriver is about to show its self to a strong contender for the screen as I was hoping , which might be a good thing as of now , fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:! I’m really loving the structure of the two indica strains , ZweetleTooth and SkyWalkerOG look like they will be good strong 40 50 inch monsters , fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:! But all in all for just ph’ed rain water :droplet:and seaweed extract 30mls a gallon every other watering I don’t think can get much easier than this , now all I need is the auto pot setup and the upgraded Light and I’ll be set for hoping to find the trio trifictor that will benefit my needs to fight my way off these pills once for good and only prayer , good eating habits and light physical exercise and maybe 2 blue pills just in case , it’s always that 1% chance right lmao , fellas you understand the code of the sport coat night right , ok and I hope this helps many that are tired of burning the tips of they plants and salvaging bud density and Wright by causing these issues early on that effects the overall quality later . I know we all want the biggest buds the plant van produce and the most weight, but neither of those matter if it’s not good quality period . Eventually , after smoking harsh, throat burning :fire:, headache causing bud everytime its smoked :smoking:, maybe this will help you gravitate to simplifying your growing nethods for better results and it’s a real simple mix . It’s not to costly I don’t think , but for the results and the flavor along I think is worth it , cause this is only for me .
Liquid nutrients works and they work great , but if they are not transitioned out properly when the plant goes from veg to bloom , those salts are still there in the soil and either causes nuke burn along the way are Hotspot in the medium , which is very frustrating for a beginner.
Now it’s several different ways of doing this with many different soil brands , all you do is make sure to read the labels that it, and find whatever is not in the soil organically the plant would need and add it with a dry fertilizer at 1/4 of measurement to a gallon of dirt , mix it up and wallah you have a nice mix that’s ready to feed for at least 4-6 weeks if not longer , and all you need is ph water and the right temperature to activate the organic life in the mix and watch they go Johnny go !


@Alizelzeleh this may be a help of info over here I’m trying to journal a simple way to growing to prevent burnt tips as much as possible by not using liquid grow nutrients .

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@yoshi just had to share this picture…

I count one lowly gnat, on my sticky trap. Thank you my friend! Milk is the winner for me. And to not discount all the info i received on fungus gnats but this one worked for me. Much gratitude!


@Calizona it’s was given to me by an old farmer from Georgia , it’s how he transition his plants into bloom phase before adding his boosters and nutrients. Plus it will increase bud weight , taste , flavor and helps that loud gas smell you want to many don’t know the benefits of milk. I like to used skin milk or 2% even after it expires, it’s still a great additive for your plants in flower :blossom:. So once every other week and start watering from the bottom of the drain pan to see how much water they are wicking and once you get an idea of how much it wicks , you know about how much to pour in from the top. But if you keep your dirt dry and only moist by watering from the bottom and not the top , you won’t over water and when you over water and your soil has good water retention , and organic , you will have gnats , it’s just a part of it .
Now it’s proven , now I’m not no expert but I have done a lot of experimenting trying stuff , so I might know a trick or two :thinking:that makes it a bit simple. I’m glad you now can have that info to used in case you you have them often , they can be a bit annoying.


First light on 12/12 , looking like space X in there this morning at first light ! CMH 315w , two 6000K white 160w Led , a 400w China old style panel with a 200w XTE Advanceled diamond series old style panel . Hopefully this week I can make my order for my new upgrade in my lights, jury still out on that one . I might have to call on the special mam @dbrn32 just to get his thoughts :thinking:, but hopefully I can get it paid and on its way this week hopefully would be awesome right ad I’m going into flower. All in all nothing to complicated . First feeding was ph rain water with 8mls of kelp 8mls of micro , and a small scoop of Open Sesame to get them started on blooming and they are loving every bit of it . But all in all just watering as needed that’s all.