A Simple Super Soil Mix Recipe by Yoshi for great quality premium buds and no tip burns!

Hello everyone who might take the time to read over this journal. It’s been a long while away , learning new ways and methods to grow and cultivate medical and medicinal grade cannabis for patients and myself to have at least the option of smoking organic grown clean mean green cannabis that helps you dream.
I once was the grower who thought if u had the latest , newest nutrients , are the most expensive , I’ll have much better chances at success , in some attributes I was right, but as far as the plants and the micro life , I was not so wrong but I was out cost effective over spending early on that now I get even much better results and plant health with this new soil medium recipe to prevent tip burn through out the plants or growers vegging time , by only using PH’ed water and seaweed extract , 1 ounce per gallon after the second plain ph watering is a simple sure way any grower can get phenomenal results in they vegging time for robust strong sturdy healthy plants to flip in flower. Now in case of auto’s even better cause the mix should be able to feed your plants for up to 6-8 weeks if not longer depending on mixing levels with what I used to build and stack up the soil for optimum nutrient uptake and ph balance so regardless of inconsistent ph water , early on the soil will balance itself out to not over feed are burn your plants from a ph of 4.0 to 5.4 your runoff will still be in optimum range for your seedlings to used to grow without over feeding or burning tips.
I have 4 seedlings :seedling: I’m now raising from seed and are doing very well :ok_hand:to say it’s 4 different seed types of strains from different breeders . Two Indica dominant phenomenal strains that are landrace , and sativa dominant with a 50/50 hybrid . The Gorilla Glue #4 & Sonic Screwdriver 🪛 was the first two planted that popped first . Than I had the Skywalker O.G. gifted and the Zweetle Tooth as well , but since I like most indica dominant strains , after reading on those , I’m not 4 to 5 weeks in raising those two and following those 2 is the two indicas , gg4 been topped twice and went absolutely crazy with side shoots , and the S.Sc.D. seems slow :snail: and small to say it’s sativa dominant but that can very much change in the transition to bloom , so I know that will be interesting in its self , this gg4 is going ape shit bananas on me and I cannot seem to slow it down . It’s mainline manifolded , topped twice and instead of 8 tops , I have 12 cause it did something crazy :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!
One node has 3 growing out on the one side , the others has two each but they don’t seem evenly , it’s kind of weird to me cause on side looks like sativa and the other side looks indica almost on the gg4 . I’m here for the experience to see if I can get a decent harvest with 4 different plants strains in the same tent , under the same mix multiple light spectrum I’m running CMH and LED in veg and LED and HPS in Flower.
This is my first run in this tent since I patched up so scraps and Cajun engineering to get it going , but all in all it’s to learn a much more simple approach to growing . A calculated trained plants for a single or double scrog screen to produce as much of quality premium bud for self . Being I’m on both sides of this thang now or the fence sorta of speak. Being legal and growing privately for self is a must, now learning how controlled the state tax the quality and strength of the marijyanba for legal sales , just like nicotine, alcohol , as to cannabis now ? I can only speak for here I’m my general location , but THC levels are not allowed to exceed over 30% and most available quality is rated around 23.4% - 28.2% THC and it helps but it’s not just quite the same when it’s grown of your own , to me it’s much more potent the bud I grow than the bud I buy now . Don’t get me wrong , most dispensary bud just has a much better look , but I’ve smoke brick Mexican sessimia that is better than some of that dispensary stuff with the fancy names , Kool-aid sherbert surprised! Me: it’s insica or sativa dominant?
Now to those I’m adding is more than welcome to guide or add anyone in concerning on reading the journal first before asking questions that maybe answered in the literature that’s already written in the daily post of this journal.
I welcome all pictures of those who are growing in any kind of medium that are vegging healthy strong plants without any "Liquid Grow Nutrients " I want to focus on funding the simple soil mix recipe that can be proportioned to allow the grower to pop the seed , veg it in all phase and flower it within a 4 month window using minimum concentrates but still harvest insanely big crazy big buds of good full mature potent buds .


Hey mate,
I used the following recipe in 5 gallons fabric pots and a photo of my results about 2 week-ish from harvest are below:

The grow has gone well, but because I’m using 5 gallon pots I have top dressed about a week before flower then again at week 4 of flower. I have also used compost teas every 2 weeks once flower started.


@PurpNGold74 @patchman welcome

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@Jake3 you are welcome buddy . I just figure it out , tomorrow I’ll start posting photos from the beginning and explaining hoping to make it much easier for most . Cause it’s enough methods , info , nutrients , etc that anyone determine can do it .


This is my soil mix:

Reused soil from last grow - I didn’t measure anything

Coffee grounds
Ground egg shells
1 copper penny (old wives tale from my Irish Granny)

I did a not so bright thing and baked it all because I had a fungus gnat and spider mite invasion - so I killed all my good bacteria!

Girls were starving after transplant into that barren soil I did give one dose of MG and top dressed with soil primer. Since then it has been pH’d water with cal/mag and compost tea. I just received my Dr. Earth Bloom stuff and will top dress when it is time to flip (within the next two weeks). I also hope to poach a few red wigglers from the garden to add to their bags.

I won’t be able to give you a total time since these were clones I got on 4/29.

I am looking forward to reading about your adventures!


Next time @JaneQP when you have gates and mites! Used milk at 1\4 to a gallon to kill them plus it helps your harvest as well which is a 2\1 that’s natural.


@yoshi hope all is still on track bud . We are going legal in july so I am transitioning into a out door grower ( with a backup inside grow in case )
Got about 3 weeks till harvest and 10 more days of nutrient push inside

The outside grow is starting off okay

And 3 Bruce banner to go into the tent as soon as the maui and GL come out .
Just wanted to say hey brother between you and @ktreez420 when I started in 2015 the encouragement and guidance got me to where I can grow my own meds . Thanks


@StonedCold13 over here. :wave:t5:

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I see ya now homie🤘
Thank ya sir @PurpNGold74


Now as @neofirebird said, I needa keep track now.
Thanks yall


@Mark0427 any post welcome here, I’ll be posting :mailbox: as time progress on the grow to keep most inform on my unorthodox way of growing but it’s simple, most is science proven and it will save you money :moneybag: over time cause every harvest won’t always meet the demands of mostest , but every harvest should be premium quality of the plants best genetics if you keep it simple and allow the plants what they need on a consistent time frame until they are finished. Many think it’s how are what you feed them and that’s been proven to not be true totally in landrace pheno genetics , some just need good water and they will still produce great numbers in dried cured weight of great quality , I think sativas do best outdoors with less but that’s just my personal opinion and I’m not expert. But I have seen plants out grow others with less nutrients in some grows .
But all in all each grow will always teach the novice cultivator something different each time , cause it’s a different grow and they are truly never the same .


@Litlab I would not change anything if that’s working. Now it can always be simplified but if you understand the N.P.K. ratio percentages in the soil at the right ph and have enough ppm for them to uptake or in water hydro , once you understand the formula :thinking: you can now start reducing or adding other amendments to not go over those percentages to cause issues .
This is how I learned that the dry amendments have a more easier success rate over liquid concentrates in my opinion from what I’ve learned . Now I’ve succeeded tremendously with liquid nutrients for a while but the simplicity of dry nutrients and how healthy and pretty your plants grow is worth the added math and time . Just over all a more healthy grow.


Pot producers are pushing to clamp down on Delta-8 THC; here’s why, and what it is
June 2, 2021 at 9:30 am | Updated June 2, 2021 at 8:52 pm

A worker gathers hemp flowers for processing at a New York farm. (Bloomberg photo by Paul Frangipane).
A worker gathers hemp flowers for processing at a New York farm. (Bloomberg photo by Paul Frangipane).
By Tiffany Kary
A little-known substance derived from hemp is flying off the shelves of U.S. gas stations and smoke shops, offering users a cheap and convenient high even in states where marijuana isn’t legal. But large cannabis producers are now pushing to clamp down on Delta-8 THC amid worries that a lack of oversight means heavy metals and unexpected intoxicants are cropping up in some of the products.

The cannabis compound has proliferated in gummies, joints and vape pens, with sales more than doubling in the past year across the country. Despite being almost chemically identical to federally outlawed forms of marijuana, Delta-8 has escaped widespread scrutiny thanks to ambiguity in U.S. laws.

That’s starting to change, with a coalition of cannabis producers now pushing federal and state regulators to block sales of unregulated Delta-8. More than a dozen states have already moved to restrict the products.

The previously unreported effort by industry leaders to rein in the booming but unchecked sector comes as chemists and health advocates sound alarms over potentially dangerous contaminants, such as lead and arsenic, and unpredictable potency levels in some commercially available products. Two tests of Delta-8 samples — one by the U.S. Cannabis Council trade group and another commissioned by Bloomberg News — found high levels of intoxicants in several of the products, as well as metals in some of them.

Delta-8 is particularly concerning to some scientists because it can be easy to make. Users can simply mix over-the-counter CBD with battery acid, pool chemicals or even household vinegar to produce it, although there are methods that don’t use acids.

Poison control centers are seeing an uptick in incidents related to Delta-8, and many health workers don’t know what the substance is or how best to treat patients suffering ill effects, said Christopher Holstege, director of the Blue Ridge Poison Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. “We’ve had at least 10 calls in the last couple of months, and a couple of people hospitalized.”


Some of the industry’s largest cannabis operators are worried that contaminated and dangerous items could torpedo an otherwise promising line of products, which some big-name companies already offer or are planning to introduce. On top of the health concerns, unregulated Delta-8 risks becoming a competitive threat to their existing offerings, sold in states they can’t get into, and it’s undercutting their prices by avoiding license fees, taxes and quality testing.

Regulators “should look to clamp down and stop this unregulated market,” said Steve Hawkins, interim chief executive officer of the U.S. Cannabis Council. The council has already consulted with state governments on Delta-8, he said, and it will step up efforts this week to encourage the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration to take action.

Boris Jordan, executive chairman of Curaleaf Holdings, one of the industry’s biggest companies, compared the situation to the vape crisis from a couple years ago, when black-market products caused lung illnesses, souring regulators on even approved products.

“The states have got to get their hands around this,” he said.

Marijuana retailer opens in Washington city where selling cannabis is prohibited
Washington becomes latest state to clarify hemp-derived ‘delta-8’ cannabis products

— — —

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol is a naturally occurring compound found in low levels in marijuana plants. The molecule is almost identical to that of Delta-9 THC — commonly known as just “THC,” the main psychoactive compound in marijuana — and some users say Delta-8 offers a more-relaxing, “THC-light” kind of high.

Delta-8 products are sold in gas stations and smoke shops across the country, falling in a gray area of U.S. law. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp — cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC content — can be transported and sold within the country. CBD, an increasingly popular cannabinoid extracted from hemp, is allowed as well, but there was little said about the dozens of other compounds that can be extracted, such as Delta-8.

Some companies and lawyers therefore argue Delta-8 is legal because it can be derived from CBD, which is made from hemp. Others say it depends on the interpretation of a DEA rule over “synthetically derived” cannabinoids, which are illegal.

Given the ambiguity, companies are taking a risk by selling the products, said Laura Bianchi, a partner at cannabis-focused law firm Bianchi & Brandt. Manufacturers “could face some enforcement action from the DEA or consequences from another agency such as the FDA.”

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When asked about the products, the FDA referred questions to the DEA, which wouldn’t go into detail about Delta-8 because it said it’s currently in the rule-making process regarding how the Farm Bill has been implemented. “There is a lot to learn about the impacts of marijuana and its chemical constituents,” the agency said.

Legal questions aren’t hurting demand. U.S. sales in April of products listing Delta-8 soared 144% from a year earlier, according to cannabis data provider Headset.

“Every single one of our clients has asked about it. It’s a hot topic,” said Kim Stuck, founder of Allay Consulting, which advises around 40 companies in the CBD or THC space. She said falling CBD prices and an overabundance of hemp in states like Oregon and Colorado have contributed to interest in Delta-8 production.

— — —

The lack of oversight in this relatively new market is raising concerns about what unexpected and potentially dangerous substances are ending up in commercially available products.

The U.S. Cannabis Council said it tested 16 Delta-8 products from vendors across the U.S. and found that all but one of them exceeded the allowable level of THC. On average, they had more than 10 times the legal limit. Seven of the samples also exceeded limits on metals such as copper, chromium or nickel.

“This represents a major consumer safety issue, posing dangers greater than the ‘vape crisis’ of 2019,” the group said in a report it plans to release this week, a copy of which was viewed by Bloomberg News.

Separately, Bloomberg News obtained 10 commercially available Delta-8 products sold in New York state, including vapes, gummies, tinctures and flower. Preliminary tests conducted on those products by SC Labs, a Santa Cruz-based cannabis testing company, found that six of them contained higher than federally allowable levels of Delta-9 THC in hemp, and one exceeded California’s limits on heavy metals.

The problem of contaminants typically traces to the manufacturing process. While larger companies tend to use above-board methods, Delta-8 can be extracted from CBD by mixing it with acid. The home-brewing methods, which have earned some Delta-8 a reputation as the bathtub gin of the cannabis world, can introduce toxins such as lead, according to Guido Verbeck, a professor at the University of North Texas who co-authored a study on methods of creating Delta-8. Even higher-quality acids can leave behind sulfate, nitrate or chlorine compounds that can be harmful over time, he said.

— — —

“It’s become almost too enticing for there not to be an issue,” said Thomas Kiselak, one of Verbeck’s co-authors. “All you need is a little battery acid or pool acid, which a teenager can go and buy. It’s something you can do in about an hour.”

Acid conversions also create unpredictable mixes of other compounds that exist naturally in marijuana plants, said Kiselak, now a technical specialist at Caldwell Intellectual Property Law. He estimated that around 11 of these so-called cannabinoids are created with battery acid.

Because scientists have only begun to study some of these rare cannabinoids and how they interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, that can mean unpredictable effects on users.

Holstege, of the Blue Ridge Poison Center, said he worries about the impacts on children of products that are unexpectedly potent. He pointed to a recent case of a 4-year-old who had to be hospitalized overnight after ingesting Delta-8 through gummies and becoming unresponsive.

“It’s a huge threat to youth across the country with these new drugs coming out,” he said.

People are taking CBD and doing chemical reactions and turning it into Delta-8 THC and selling that at gas stations and marketing it to kids. There are people walking up and buying it who think it won’t get them high.”
— Josh Wurzer, a founder of SC Labs

Some companies do test for concentrations of Delta-9 THC to ensure they’re below federal limits, said Josh Wurzer, a founder of SC Labs. But he said clients that turn to him virtually never test for contaminants such as heavy metals because there aren’t regulations requiring it.

“People are taking CBD and doing chemical reactions and turning it into Delta-8 THC and selling that at gas stations and marketing it to kids,” he said. “There are people walking up and buying it who think it won’t get them high.”

— — —

More than a dozen states have placed restrictions on Delta-8 products in recent months, though the products can still be purchased in many areas. New York and Massachusetts recently said that Delta-8 products may not be sold or manufactured in those states.

Despite concerns over a lack of regulation, some of the industry’s largest operators are dabbling in the market — and believe they can operate to higher standards. Curaleaf, for one, plans to introduce Delta-8 products even as it seeks tighter oversight of the products. Competitor Trulieve Cannabis already sells products. The company said its Delta-8 isn’t made using acid, but declined to describe its process, citing trade secrets.

DD8, a New York City-based company with 10 employees, recently announced the launch of a vaporizer for Delta-8. The founders say they use a heat-extraction process to make it, and a lawyer for the company said they don’t believe the method runs afoul of regulatory restrictions. The company plans to keep selling it. (Neither DD8’s nor Trulieve’s products were tested by Bloomberg.)

A shakeout in the Delta-8 market could be instructive as companies introduce new products based on other rare and little-understood cannabis compounds. One of them, Delta-10, has also been drawing similar attention to Delta-8, and was included in New York’s recent rule.

Hawkins, of the cannabis council, said it heightens the need for comprehensive regulation of cannabis plants. Without it, he said, “we’re just playing a game of whack-a-mole.”

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I was able to get two ILGM auto’s in the dirt today in they final 3 gallon pot . One fabric , one bucket to see how if it’s a big difference . Hopefully I can grow them the full 8 weeks outdoors with no big bug issues ? I’ll top them twice , week 3 after the first node grows .

I think many growers are not using an accurate calendar schedule to growing they plants . Many don’t know seedling time from vegging time which causes a lot of premature harvest to why most don’t see they full plants potential in weight production .


I concur. I know alotta people hate this. But i see my plants as…
Seedlings: seed til 2-3 nodes. First true leaves.
Veg: from those leaves (about day 7 above ground) to flipping to 12-12
Transition: from 12-12 flip to crowns/buttons of pistils
Flower: after transition to harvest

Maybe a tad more complicated. But theres a doggone diff!


@PurpNGold74 that is true , each stage is different and many many miss those crucial weeks is all it takes to get a full nice 6-8 ounce yield each time with the 3-6-9-12 rule ! I’ve had all my fun doing LST and main lining , topping , trellis , I’m focus on the best quality the strain can produce so I’m growing 7 and 8 generation genetics and pheno seeds trying to match up good couples to see what happens sort of speak.


Can you guys see this , Only Ph water at 5.9 at the moment . The Gorilla Glue is very distinctive, I already see what headache that’s going to be , but it’s what they do in your garden , especially if you top them a few times they go crazy :crazy_face:. But I knew that after I did it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, the sonic screwdriver look like it’s starting to get on the move and these 2 indicas I’m really loving the settle tooth formation , reminds of blueberry and Sun King Og , should be pretty buds . My Skywalker Og looks like it’s going to be short massive beast , look at the size of the fan leaves on that thing , they look like elephant ears :ear:good lord . Only Ph water every 3 days and the fertilizer has organic matter which means if your watering is inconsistent , you’ll probably have gnats most likely , that’s just a part of ofanic soil and fertilizers really , just have to be proactive to it knowing the larvea is there , is why I used milk once every week or other week to keep them under control plus it’s healthy for the ladies, oh yes Milk really does the body good. But what is the real science is a beast feeding mother that produce or lactaid produce natural cannabinoids for the young :thinking:, it’s facts to sedate the youngin while feeding , and people still have reason to not believe which is still believing .
But honestly , how easy is this to have these kind of results and I just planted May 23 , crazy growth Only ph water . But this is proof you really don’t need Grow Nutrients base on the soil medium you choose to grow. Now this is Sunshine #4 Promix with Micorhizi in it with Bio-Live 5-4-2.
My next soil purchase will be different , I’m gone give the Sohum & Purple Cow a try to see if I like those for even better results and hopefully completely through flower , which I can do now if I would up my dry fert levels , but I do used dry concentrates in flower as flower fuel , Cha Ching , Nature’s Candy :candy:.
This is not for anything specific , it’s just a grow to restock my gg4 the other 3 I’m curious to try and see if they will make the new list this summer and fall .


You see this , 3 Wickers would be perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: under the net , everybody sit in the middle and they can go left or right and let the other do the same , are just two and I extend the 2 to fill it out with the Wickers Buckets 🪣?

Had to dig them out…
Will be calling you shortly today or tomorrow…
Get you set up… :+1::wink::green_heart:

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Please my brother , I’m not trying to get bled out cause of Ole gal impress with my flowers in my garden and want some ? I had to ask her ; you want some of what ? They slick broh , have you on some shit you had no idea :rofl: it’s was other intentions , don’t acknowledge like it’s just me dude , in your line of work , okay I’m sure you had a few extra detail duties on a special project in the master closet or bath room , you know it just needed some caulk right quick ,; it’s full and fixed now lmao , brother I was bugged eyes like huh , wait ! WHAT ?

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