A second time grow here and psyched

Okay I am just really wanting to have this grow titled differently since it is my second grow. That is what these journals are for. What the hell. We get to grow weed and show off our green thumbs.

Anyway I believe the two girls I am growing here are both Maui Wowie though by the looks of them at this stage I can’t tell. They are a month and 5 weeks old. They have been indoors prepping for this arrival of warmer weather. Friday May 1st they went outside and are going to remain for the summer. We finally have a break in the odd weather this spring has brought.

These pictures are from today. I think the leggy lady first up is going to explode tomorrow. She was following the sun across the sky all puckered up like that. It looked like she also added a 1/4 to 1/2 inch in height.


Set to watch. :+1:

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I’m set to watching as well. Gonna tag along, that is, if you don’t mind. :v:

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I’ll be tracking too! Enjoy it!!

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What’s the medium they are in old man? Outside but clay pellets, they have to be your top cover like mulch or hay I’d imagine?

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You know … I wonder if anyone has tried outdoor hydro. I know.youd need a chiller no doubt? Hmm


Exactly. It was something that I read about using these that caught my attention. They worked like a champ last year. This his how they looked last year a month or so before harvesting.

Like you said it is just a mulch but these do a bit more I think. One is they don’t break down adding to your nutrients when watering. They disperse the water so that the soil doesn’t get disturbed allowing the roots to use the entire pot of soil. I liked the results, though I do not expect a grow of that magnitude with these two. Last year those two plants had a 3 month head start over this year. They were originally going to be an indoor grow. My schedule changed and well the had to go outside and that was the result.

I am a little worried about this one. She seems to just want to grow tall. Not sending any branches to the sides. I hope she isn’t going to be a corn stalk. LOL.

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That’s funny. Unmotherfreakinbelieveable. Me and @BigJ, were just discussing that a few days ago :v:

Okay a friend of mine is growing a few plants. they are autos and I have never grown those. We think these two are ready for plucking.

This one we think needs another week or two.

This one is a mystery. I have never seen one like it. Any ideas of strain?


Yeah; that last plant has been in very high nitrogen levels for it’s whole life. That structure on top of the main cola is called a ‘foxtail’. Not very desirable. But you can see the excessively dark green curly twisted leaves: really bad.

I’d either use that for edibles or plan to flush the snot out of it before harvest.


Look at all them calyxes stacked on top of calyxes… that is some serious foxtails! It definitely wasn’t happy with something? I always read its mostly due to environmental conditions… no doubt the top one is the closest have you looked at trichs or know any of her info - when planted, light schedule or conditions?

@Myfriendis410 I was seriously hoping you would chime in. I sent him your comment. Thanks for the input. I will probably have questions about it.

@LoCoRock I do not know I will ask him. I have no idea what he planted he probably knows. I will ask him the light schedule but they have been growing almost 4 months. I will ask him that too.

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Nutrient load could be considered in that category…

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Right now my buddy is too stoned to understand. I gave him some weed and some chocolates. I think he took at least one chocolate and smoked some. LMAO


@Oldsoldier1976, Your plants look heathy. I am going to watch your post. Good luck.

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Found pretty cool setup on YouTube , outdoor hydro garden, walk through whole setup. 2014 08-Complete Overview of the Outdoor Hydroponic Garden - YouTube


Wow welcome to New England in May. Wow we have snow actually in the forecast. I decided to bring in the girls. They are small enough and I prefer to have them inside for the evening. Then back outside when the temperatures warm up. They are looking very healthy.

I set them on the floor behind the car.

They really are liking life in my garden.



So after a couple of nights indoors the girls are happy to be outside.


What strain are they? Both the same?

Interesting to see how different they are growing…

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Exactly. I think they are the same. I know the leggy girl is a Maui Wowie because that is my last purchased seed from here. The other came from one of my buds. I had two seeds only one took. So I put my last seed in the grow. If I am right and it is the Maui I got the seed from she looks a little like her mother at the end. I hope she is as healthy.