(a rather early) Jungle grow room

Figured I’d post about my grow room in case anyone had comments, suggestions, or compliments…

I have a 10x10 area in my basement with 8’ ceilings (taller between joists) that I’ve taken over as a grow room. Among its advantages is that there’s a bathroom on the other side of the wall (water & drain access)

This shows the entry way – it’s 7mm panda film with a glue-on zipper. I’ll make it a smidge more light-tight before I go to flower.

Here’s the plant area, I have a setup for 4x17g grow buckets with a separated reservoir (I grow RDWC). As shown, I only have one plant running, and only two 17g buckets connected. This is a bit of a waste of nutes, but I needed to run a one-plant run first.

I figure the HLG 320 XL v2 rspec is good for at least two plants. We’ll see if I need to add another one when I get fully populated with four.

This shows the RDWC setup. It started with the 4x13g kit from PAHydro, but I didn’t connect all the buckets together w/3" PVC, instead each bucket has a 3" drain into a single run of 3" PVC. Note the provision to extend the 2 buckets in the 3" PVC.

Really glad to have the bathroom on the other side of this wall. As a result, I installed a utility sink and a large water filter (not RO, just a goal of chlorine and chloramine filtering).

I have random parts in the bins on the right. I need to put up more shelves in here or something.


I would sincerely suggest you clean up the electrical wiring before you have a fire.

Yea, you’re right. I need to clean up.

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Tear down the panda film and build actual walls, doors , ceiling , seal off the area your growing in.

Then you can run hvac and electrical properly.

Like more pics of full setup

Old thread. Electrical and hvac are installed better. Not sure why I’d need a wall instead of the Panda film.

So you can seal the area and control the environment better. Allows your to not worry about any light leaks and do more with that huge space you have!

Clean environment = clean buds

Space looks like it has amazing potential