(a rather early) Jungle grow room

Figured I’d post about my grow room in case anyone had comments, suggestions, or compliments…

I have a 10x10 area in my basement with 8’ ceilings (taller between joists) that I’ve taken over as a grow room. Among its advantages is that there’s a bathroom on the other side of the wall (water & drain access)

This shows the entry way – it’s 7mm panda film with a glue-on zipper. I’ll make it a smidge more light-tight before I go to flower.

Here’s the plant area, I have a setup for 4x17g grow buckets with a separated reservoir (I grow RDWC). As shown, I only have one plant running, and only two 17g buckets connected. This is a bit of a waste of nutes, but I needed to run a one-plant run first.

I figure the HLG 320 XL v2 rspec is good for at least two plants. We’ll see if I need to add another one when I get fully populated with four.

This shows the RDWC setup. It started with the 4x13g kit from PAHydro, but I didn’t connect all the buckets together w/3" PVC, instead each bucket has a 3" drain into a single run of 3" PVC. Note the provision to extend the 2 buckets in the 3" PVC.

Really glad to have the bathroom on the other side of this wall. As a result, I installed a utility sink and a large water filter (not RO, just a goal of chlorine and chloramine filtering).

I have random parts in the bins on the right. I need to put up more shelves in here or something.


I would sincerely suggest you clean up the electrical wiring before you have a fire.

Yea, you’re right. I need to clean up.

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