A question/theory for creating feminized autos(involving the "useless" cloning of an auto)

So here is my theory, and I’d like some ideas/feedback on this from any experienced (success or failures) growers.
My theory is this:
I am growing an Autoflower. Call it plant A.
Plant A needs to be trimmed of lower fan leaves and potential LARF stems.
I take the otherwise discarded stem and clone the plant.
When clone shows the pistils, I apply the colloidal silver.
IF said clone creates the pollen sacs then I would have viable pollen, no? Or, would the limited amount of possible pollen sacs not result in enough to pollinate another auto?

Why are we cloning here? Why aren’t we just spraying to the parent plant?

Clone and parent are the same age, when one flowers they’re be flowering at the same time.

Well, I guess the concern of having the colloidal spray hitting the rest of the plant. I guess it’s toxic if smoked?
Using the clone from the parent plant keeps it off the parent plant.

Either we are breeding or, consuming, I don’t recommend trying to do both.

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I was just looking for free feminized autoflower seeds. Not trying to really breed beyond probably one plant. I imagine the amount of seeds would last a while. Can only grow 5 in IL with medical license.

Only takes 1 female and 1 male. Or if you spray Silver on one, still just one plant.