A question on vegetive light cycles

Is a 24 hour light cycle more productive than an 18 hour cycle for maximum vegetative growth?

What I’m trying to ask is I heard that growth slows down after 18 hours regardless of light cycle, I don’t know if this is true I’m hoping someone has experience and/or can point me to some article


Boy do you know how to start debates!!! I think this is a matter of energy use and strain I like a little rest everyday so I let my plants get some but there will be many differing opinions on this some insist plants don’t need dark cycle others think they do I choose to air on the side of what has always worked for me.
I give a minimum 4 hours rest and typically run 18/6 with reg and fem plants

Lol! I’m just trying to catch up! :slightly_smiling:

This was a big debate 20 years ago when I quit, I’m sensing it hasn’t been settled!?

I think this time I’m going to give a 4-6 hour dark as well, and see how it goes…

Edit: Donald what do you mean you run 18/6 for flower? Am I misreading that?


In veg 18/6 for flower I run 12/12 11/13 etc.

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Tnx, I thought maybe you meant autoflowers (that’s another new subject for me)