A question on HID lights

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I have two of the iPower packages. Both are 600w with the air cooled hood as well. I love them. I searched for weeks looking for the best price, and the iPower is by far the best deal. I only have good things to say about it, never used any others though. But I would definitely recommend that setup for anyone looking for lights.

Awesome ktrees, glad to hear it! I don’t recall who posted the Amazon link to that system on here but they saved me $121 from the system I was intending to buy at some other hydroponics website, and it’s sure glad to hear you saying good things about it! :slight_smile:


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I have the vivosun :slightly_smiling:
Exact same light you have linked actually. The hardware is very sturdy on it, very well constructed. I love the long cord from the ballast to the fixture, works like a champ.
The only thing I would change about it is how to glass slides into the hood rather than being hinged. Makes it a little more challenging to swap the MH for the HPS in flower if you vegged your plants big.

I’m familiar with this brand, solid! …it’s been around for a long time, I know what you mean about the glass, kind of the old style
… thanks for the input on it

I have four ipower two 1000 watt hps with air hood to suck yeat out. And two 400 watt hps
And they didn’t break the bank


Thanks Will, so many choices and now I’m looking at the LEDs…

I really, really wish there weren’t so many choices in life (in general).

But then think about what it would be like without choice .!


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Eh… too much choice drives me crazy sometimes

How true how very true…lol

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