A question on clones

I am in the 5th week of flowering. I have 4 northern light clones and i just found a couple seeds on a few branches not many and not formed just white seeds. they are all female and not hermaphrodites. Huge colas and almost ready to harvest.
it is a inside grow and never had a male plant so i am not to sure. From now on i will stick to seeds. every seed ive gotten from ilgm rocks. I tried a few clones and well… The plants are awesome and the colas are huge it seems just a few lower branches got a few seeds.
I just want to know if its from the clones and not anything i did in the grow. I am sure its just the clones but i am curious.

With just a few seeds they had to get Pollen from some where. Did you see any pollen? It yellow in color, at least mine was. Stress is a big factor in growing. hermaphrodites happen when they get stressed. I’m not sure what else can cause it. Some people like it when they get a few seeds.
Good luck I think you will be fine.

If the clones came from a “Feminized” plant, then it is possible it is the clones. However; Clones do not cause seeds to produce; Pollen does, or as stated, femminized plants have a tendency to produce a few seeds. In that case; It could be something environmental.