A question of...yoghurt


I’ve seen a few threads (and don’t remember where, of course) suggesting adding yoghurt or skim milk to water in order to encourage the growth of microbes which in turn, help the plants roots “digest” nutrients. Can anyone elaborate on this? I always have yoghurt (Greek, not Turkish…less fat:wink:) on hand, so how much yoghurt should be added to how much water? How old should the plants be before adding this little supplement? As I already use lemon juice to lower my Ph, perhaps I can develop a new strain of plant…Greek Salad Haze, or something. Thanks for any info!


i am interested to see and hear results!!


I have read about adding milk to your water but I never tried it as I’m a noob to this but I’d like to see results I tried correcting a ph problem I was having with distilled vinegar and as the info said it works my girls are pretty decent so maybe some truth to what you read up on but don’t take my word like wait for some one with more info on it


I did that too, but I was a afraid the vinegar would have a nasty effect on the taste so I started lowering my Ph with lemon juice instead, which also works fine. Now that you mention it, yoghurt, being acidic, should also lower a too high Ph. Good point!


Me being me I had to try it let me know how lemon juice effects taste if at all and ill let you know if my buds are effected or not by using the vinegar :+1:t2:


Deal! I’ve got about a month and a half or so to go before harvest.


I would be concerned that both yogurt and milk would spoil ?:thinking:


I did think this myself and i can’t remember where or what site I seen it on so you could read for yourself the milk was seriously diluted but I forget at what ratio was given, I dont know anyone who has tried it tho I only read it online


I’m not doubting it just wondering if it would spoil if you can remember link post it I’d be interested in reading it


It was awhile back I kinda just stumbled on to it when researching a few things really and I can’t think for the life of me where sorry dude


Yeah, that’s what I read too. Someone asked about it stinking but it was so diluted there wasn’t any smell. Damn! I know I read it here on ILGM, if you are out there, dear poster, please help us!


Yeah for my grow I think I will just stick with Mykos and Mammoth P a little Azos for the roots . All the Milk and Yogurt worries me for a few reasons .


I’m not brave enough to try it lol :grin:


not sure how to post links but there is one on this convo these guys are have, this isn’t the original site I seen it on tho


there is stuff out there that say it has its benefits’


that is saying straight out of the cow…lol


I wouldn’t do that personally but in the other screen shot there’s a couple growers saying add 10ml to 1ltr water I haven’t come across anyone who’s used it its just something I found when looking at other things, would need looking into alot more obviously if was going to do it i don’t think il be doing it i don’t know enough to experiment like that just yet


Yep I am sure that it has some benefits. Some of the guys have done comparison grows and found it is the un pasteurized whole milk is the one that is supposed to work . The knat and fly problems along with the time it takes bacteria to break down the complex enzymes in all that stuff to a point where it can actually be fed to the plant through the microbes I will be smoking it by then


So not such a cool idea you think?


Too small for my old eyes to read.