A question for whoever it may concern

Why not let customers pick the three seed types they want in their mix pack? I think you would move a lot more product by doing so.

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Been discussed too many times to number.
There are several old threads about it. There are issues with it beyond what we think. It seems simple enough, but for whatever reason it a no go at this point.
Stay tuned tho…Maybe one day.


I can certainly see why there might be some obstacles. One being the different coast on some of the seeds and having to individually pull the seeds for each order. More labor intensive and a greater opportunity to mess the order up. There would probably need to be some sort of added fee for premium seeds and the added labor…Thanks for the reply.

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Herbies used to have the “single seed store”. It has been closed for a while. Don’t know why besides my own speculation it did not do great.

Seedsman sells single seeds direct from the breeder. I believe he is a Dutch breeder; maybe Spain? Anyway he still sells single seed orders. They are like 25$-35$ for 1 seed. + shipping. Seems steep to me when you can get a pack for a tad more.

The risk is getting the bad pheno in a single seed. I would always choose to sprout extra at a smaller price point. Then be ruthless on selection down to one. I get the appeal though. 20 years ago I got plenty from herbies single seed store. My first autos I tried I got from them…

Edit: or if you got a male. Even the best feminized seeds on the market if you sprout a hundred you will find a male.

That is how I get a male of a clone cut. Self pollinate female and sprout 1-2 hundred seeds of the feminized babies. You will always find 1-2 males. Then go back and pollinate the mom and a few sisters. Pheno hunt for the most similar from those.

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The issue is with their current process and systems between you (or anyone) putting an order in and it showing up your door. It was looked at, because we asked for this back in like 2018. It’s not an unwillingness, just that they aren’t setup to do it. We were told that it would be considered if enough changed to become feasible.


In order for them NOT to be doing it now there must be some pretty heavy lifting standing in the way. Of course it could be that they use the mix packs to move seeds that aren’t doing well on their own. Put them with a couple of fast movers to get the inventory down on them. They could also find themselves short of stock on some of the more popular variety’s as people put them in their mix packs.

About a year-ish ago, there was a 5+5 sale on a strain, which I think might be along the lines of the kind of sale many folks are looking for, perhaps. Hint, hint, :wink: .

USPS has raised stamp prices so many times, it once was single digits in my life.

With guarantees applied to shipping and germination, it may be simple as cost effectiveness.

Replacing one seed sounds so easy and cheap. Is it?

Last, normally, buying in bulk you get discount price, you want to buy one seed, you wouldnt like the cost of that one seed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

5 seeds covers shipping prices a few times, one seed would be finacially responsible for covering the guarantees for re shipping. That one seed may have sticker price that :thinking: most are…