A question for the scroggers out there


That’s a nice set up :+1:


The HID can probably flower around 16 square feet (4x4ish). The “900 watt” Vipar maybe 3x3 or 2x3ish. Which one do you have? They have a couple of “900 watt” models.

You could fit a pair of 2x4 scrogs under the 600 watt gas light, or a single 4x4 scrog.


It’s the R900. It’s says it’s 405 w at the wall.


Good looking scrogs. I am going to give it a try, on a smaller scale. Individual one for each plant. Well I am only going to do two of them and will try that supercropping on two. I have learned so much from everyone on here. My husband thinks I spend to much time on here. He thinks you stick it in the ground or pot and let nature take it’s course. Course I am going to do it my way or I won’t share. lol Good Luck with your grow.


@Drinkslinger, that is a nice set up there :grin: I copied a few others set up I came across for my scrog. It is simple, cheap and can be moved around to a small degree once it has been filled out some. I went with @Myfriendis410s dimensions when I stated. I grow mostly autos and found I can get away with 2x2 tops. That would allow me to put 6 in my tent if I want. I also have a few 2x4 tops. I use bamboo stakes for the tops and the legs.
This shows the top pretty good. I used a coat hanger cut up into 3" pieces. bent them in to 90s. And then just taped them to the rods to make the corners. Then just taped every thing together. If you decided you wanted to try this. I could shoot a couple pictures on how I do mine. I need to make a couple more of the 2 2 x 2 tops any ways.
This is a 30" x 24" It is an auto plant

The 2x4 This is a photo plant.

I just use these. If you order a couple packs at one time. You only have to pay shipping once. You can get these in 24" 36" & 4’ I use all 3. They are easy to cut down too. I would recommend at least one pack of the 30" for legs if you decide to make one of these. I use binder clips on the legs to adjust the tops too. Making this a very cheap set up. It also stores flat when you are not using it. Another plus in my book.


I like the flexibility of the cord. You can move it when bending, or to hold a branch down that’s not quite as long as you want.

The pvc/cord/eye hooks weren’t expensive and it’s reusable.

I’m actually moving away from the scrog, just to streamline my grows and create a perpetual harvest.


I bought the pipe and fittings to make me a scrog and I bought a cotton line to use. Will the twine work or should I look for the stretch cord? How big should the little squares be? Thank you in advance.


I’m sure cotton will work, but I recall people advising against it because it may cut into the plant, or the plant getting hung up on it.

I use simple 1/8" paracord from Home Depot.

I’ve found 2.5"x2.5" squares work best for me.


The paracord is easy to work with and would be good. I have some thing similar to a heavy string on my pvc srog. It seems to do ok as it is only holding the branches down. I use 4"x5" squares on mine. It makes it easy to run branches under for me. I also use these plant ties if I want to keep a branch in place till it grows enough to remember where it should stay. I normally can remove them after 3 or 4 weeks. That way I don’t have to search for them when I am ready to harvest.


I went with mold resistant gardening twine with 2”x2” squares. Just put a screw in every 2” to wrap the twine around and run it back to the other side. Sorry, don’t have a pic without the plant in it

Edit: found a better one


I use kitchen twine for my SCROGs. I love it. I will always use it when I want to do a SCROG. I like that I can cut them away (which I usually do late into flower), and I can string a whole screen up in a couple minutes with two knots and one cut. Good stuff. :slight_smile:


I was just debating on doing this. How late into flower do you cut it? Would like a more efficient way to water and I could accomplish that with the screen out of the way


I usually end up doing it three or four weeks before harvest - generally speaking once they’ve hardened off. I didn’t do it on my last one - the plant was bigger than the previous ones I had done so I didn’t want to remove it’s support. Here is the last one after I removed the screen:

It was nearly done at that point. In that particular plant’s case I had to move it to a different tent about halfway through flower.


That thing looks ridiculous!


Killer nice


Like your idea of the paracord. I will pick me some up. I don’t want to harm the plants in any way, although I found they are forgiving of small things. Maybe a 3x3 would work better for me. Thank you so much for your help. May God help you grow the biggest bud of all.


You said you cut the twine off when they flower, why? Will that make it easier for me or the plant? Is watering difficult with the scrog on? Thanks


Outstanding plant. What kind is this and how tall did it get?


It was an ILGM blackberry kush. I had the screen 12” above the lid. My biggest tops were around 4”. I tied that one down every day through transition until it stopped growing.


No, I was debating doing so. They seem firm and set in their place. And yes, it’s a PITA to water lol. Bent over for 25 minutes with a 2 gallon pump sprayer. I will set up a watering system for the next grow.