A question for the scroggers out there


I’m in the process of building my new grow room and am about to build my set up to scrog six plants at a time . My question is… how does everyone collect their runoff once they are entangled in the screen? Looking for ideas like a drip tray design any pics would be great. TIA


I have my pot sitting on coated metal shelving. Sits about 5” off the ground. Under the pot is a wide plastic paint tray for rollers. The incline of the paint tray causes the water to collect in the paint basin. Then I use a turkey baster to suck it up.


What size pots do you use. I’m planning for 6 5 gallon fabric pots.


@Not2SureYet, do you have pictures of your SCROG setup?

The only thing I would suggest is one plant per screen!


5 gallon. The shelve is 24”x 12” and can fit 2 5 gallon pots


How big should each screen be? Its going to be WW fem .


I want to have the same amount of plants like you. Im pretty new could you explain me whats so important about the design ? Like the Basics lol


Is that recomended for every grow tent?


That will depend on the number of plants and the space to fill. Mine are 1/3 of my flowering space so I can fit 3 in the 4 X 6 space.


It’s going to be a 10x12 room with a 7 ft ceiling. So I’m not limited much on space and planning for 6 plants


If you focus on adequate lighting with that space, I would not SCROG.


Right now I have a 600 watt hps and a 900 watt viparspectra Led so I’m not sure I have enough lighting


You do for most of veg but definitely not enough for flower.


How many plants do you think I could flower with what I have?


That’s depending on the size of the plant but I’ll say 2. But I like bigger plants.


Looks like it’s time to start shopping for a few more lights lol


I use a 9 " metal grate used to cool food in pans from amazon and set my 7 gallon pots on those in a plastic drip tray . My turkey baster broke and I now use a water blaster kids toy to draw up the run off water from the trays . It works better than the baster . I use it to water the plants also . It forces me to water slowly . @Bobbydigital I like your paint tray idea .

I hope you have lots of lights to scrogg that many plants . One plant consumed my 2x4 tent . I hope this helps your planning .


Love the aqua zooka :joy: . Necessity is the mother of all invention lol


@New2this, the SCROG is for when your space is limited in height and/or you want to maximize the grow space horizontally. IMO it’s not a good technique if you have lights and space. Space being harder to acquire than lights you have the hardest part taken care of. With adequate lighting (whether MH/HPS or LED’s or LEC or whatever) growing upright plants with supercropping skills applied will serve you better than a SCROG would.

I do 3 plants in a 4 X 6 space and yield around 10 oz of flower per plant for a 6 month grow. Under DIY LED’s.


I have mine in 8" high plastic bins. The plant sits on 1"x3"s.