A question about ventilation

I’m about to move into a 5x5.
Was going with 6" fan. But I’m alrdy dealing with smell.
So my question is. If I were to bump up to a 8" and use two filters would that work?
I know 2 on the 6" would cut it back too much.
Just dont want to implode my tent.


Following as I am also setting up a 5x5 with a 6" fan

I currently am running a 5x5 and I am using a 8” fan and carbon filter .
All though it dose cover the smell there is still a sorts of smell you get.
You can try running to 6” fans or even 2 8” fans and run them from the outside of the tent if that is an option.
Maybe someone that has used more than 1 fan in a 5x5 or what method they use as well.
But my 8” fan is plenty enough for air extraction,I have a low to high setting and the low setting sucks my tent in all the way.

Carbon filter for the smell is the better choice, now if you can control the smell with fragrance but is not a good choice

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I run an 8" AC Infinity in my 5x5. A 6" just didn’t get the job done. The 8" is very capable.

I’ll need the cfm supports with the 8", you think?
And do you have any recommendations for a good filter?
One more…
Would it be useless to have two filters?
My thinking was to put one inside and one on top of the tent and vent to a window.

Thank you guys for the help.

Ac Infinity and Phresh both make great filters. They are more expensive, but they get the job done.

I wouldn’t see a need for 2 filters. All that will do is slow down your CFM and make the fan work harder than it needs to.

Thanks again.
Much appreciated

I have a 6" ac infinity in my new 5x5 with four girls in it bout 5ish weeks into flower and I dont smell a thing


Are you using the AC filter?
Guess that’s where I need to put my $.
I’ll get a topline one and hope that’ll take care of it.

I don’t think heat is going to be an issue. Just the sweet smell of herb.
Which is only good to me.

Got ya. My bad.
Reading is fundamental…

That’s what I’ll go with.