A question about the growth of northern lights plants

A question of a fellow grower:
Hello, I just had a question about the growth of northern lights plants. Is there a specific height that these plants would grow to? I know that in the description it says that they are relatively small but I’m not sure how small that should be exactly considering my plant is on roughly 3.4 inches in height and has been planted for roughly 5 weeks going onto 6. I attached a picture and had originally removed the lowest layer of leaves because the small pot I had it in did not have good drainage likely causing too much nutrient intake and the leaves tips were yellowish in color. I assumed it was likely nitrogen burn and removed about 6 leaves (2branches). It still continued to grow a bit but not at the pace that it originally was and the new leaves have a sort of different purplish color on just the tips (and the entire stem is a bit purple) which you could hopefully see in the picture. This is my first time physically planting a marijuana seed (not just studying plant science at a university) and I only got to do 1 since I ordered 5, 1 came crushed, 1 did not germinate and 1 I gave to my friend who is also studying plant science ( his is growing relatively well but he planted it much later than I do so it will be longer before we see results) I only have 1 seed left and would really love to get it right. I’m not entirely sure if this plant would flower after putting it on a 12/12 schedule since it is pretty small and went through some issues but I was going to try either way as to get better technique and not put it to waste (knowing that northern lights should be ready for flowering/harvest within 7-8 weeks). I just started using plant growth as well to up the nitrogen intake specifically as I transplanted the plant into a bigger pot with more drainage (the pot in the picture) and was hoping it would still grow in the flowering stage. Any recommendations so that I could use the last seed I have left for a nice grow assuming it germinates? Thank you so much and I am extremely sorry for the long message! P.S the picture was taken outside of the grow tent. I have a LA garden grow tent and temperature and humidity reader as well as a 600W light and had the plant on a 20/4 light cycle. I gave it water every 2-3 days as this was the rate at which it would start feeling a bit dry and I would give the plant water until it would start draining from the bottom and I would stop and pour out the drainage. Andrew D.

A few questions.
What type soil?
Are you feeding it? If so what?
Auto or Photo??

At 4-5 weeks, you should definitely be bigger.

Fill out this support ticket. It will help to diagnose.
COPY/PASTE the below list into your forum post.
Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

  • Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA
  • Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
  • System type?
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Light system, size?
  • Temps; Day, Night
  • Humidity; Day, Night
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
  • Co2; Yes, No

If you can, upload a picture of your plant. It helps the diagnosis, if needed.

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you :slight_smile:


Hey! I am the person who posted this. I used all purpose growing media (mix of peat moss and perlite and very few wood chips). I am currently not at home but I can take a picture of the soil to help give more detail. I just recently (about a week and a half ago) started using miracle gro all purpose plant food when I water them which was roughly every 2-3 days when the soil started feeling dry. It was photo seeds not autoflowering as well

Good that it’s a photo cause you need to change a couple things.

  1. Get some fox farms soil
  2. Stop using MG. It’s time release and not good for cannabis

Thank you! there isnt a store that is that close to me that will sell fox farms but i have an idea of where i can go go get it. Also what feed would you recommend then and why is MG not good for cannabis? Would this plant still be able to grow/flower? The soil used was Lambert potting mix by the way.

Miracle grow is time release which isn’t what you want. Look into the fox farms big three. It’s straight forward and works great. Also get some cal mag. Are you ph ing the water??

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@Familyman i think there’s a bit of a diff. Majority of MG soil is infused with time release nutes and should be avoided at all costs. :joy: The MG nutes are usually high in Nitrogen so it takes ALOT less to feed and ull need to find supplementals of the others. But as @highcountrygal has proven it is very possible (albiet frownd on) to grow in. Now that said…

@Andrewsantos97 welcome to ILGM. Awesome place to be for growing weed. The purple stems im semi sure was some kinda deficiency. Not sure which so… @raustin @MattyBear @blackthumbbetty i know yall have seen a ton. (Dont blast me for standing up for MG :joy::joy:)

And OP your watering habits sound solid. But no mention of pH i believe. Which is the single most underrated factor to growing. Without you water/feed being in the proper range it is impossible for your lady to eat. U can flood her soil with nutes but she wont be able to uptake them. So before trying anything drastic I recommend u invest in a pH meter and pH up and down. Get your range in between 6.3-6.8 and watch her explode.


What kind of lights are you using?

Looks like my crew showed up. You’ll be growing epic buds soon!

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@Familyman I found a store near my home that sells fox farm soil so when i go back home during my break or the weekend ill def make sure to pick some up! I was not changing the pH of the water at all and really only checked it three or four times during the very early stages of growing (which would make sense as thats when the plant looked its best lol) Ill make sure to buy strips to continuously check it and adjust it as needed!

@PurpNGold74 This does seem like such an excellent place to grow! alot of informed people who are very detailed and helpful. my friend and I had assumed the deficiency was in nitrogen as the original pot i had it in had horrible/no drainage and most nutrients were sucked up and the tips were yellowish in color (i trimmed them off along with their branches) but if theres something else i would be more happy to know! I did very much underrate pH as i really only checked during the early stages of growing and since i did not add feed until very recently i did not think the pH would change so i did not bother checking it. im going tonight to buy some strips and possibly some pH up and down to adjust accordingly.

@blackthumbbetty I am using the following 600W light: [
SYGAVLED 600W LED Grow Light - High Yield - Full Spectrum Indoor Hydroponic Plants Veg Bloom Panel Lamp. And i have an LAGarden tent with a fan and a humidity and temp reader

Also here is a pic of the soil I used and the humidity and temp reader. It’s usually around 60 with no light and 83 with the light on. Humidity usually ranges from low 40%-mid50%

May have been water logged too.

I would grab a ph pen. Pretty cheap on amazon and will last a long time.

I’m guessing your locked out due to pH and it’s stunting the growth.

High country gal also has a lot more experience in growing. :smirk:

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@Familyman Any recommendations for which pH pen to get? and the plants still look somewhat healthy and are alive as they react to light hitting them and starting rising, so would fixing the pH situation still allow it to grow even if it wont hit the height/yield that it normally would?

I started with a $15 one and it worked fine until I dropped it in the water bucket. Just search it and look for the yellow one. Can’t recall the brand. Since it’s a photo, once you get on track, you can veg it longer until it grows as big as you want it. Photos don’t have a time limit like auto flowers do so your all good. I stunted one of mine and it ended up having the best buds. Your in good hands here and well all do our best to make it a good experience. What is your goal with this grow?? Quality, yield, just getting something???

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And yes your plant does look good. You have a good place to start. Just needs a few tweaks and you’ll be thriving.