A question about starting my seedlings

Firstly, this is my first post, setup, grow,…well first everything. I’m waiting on the last few bits of my setup to arrive and in the meantime I’ve been reading, at nauseum, about growing for the first time. Like all new growers, I want this to go well and am relying on the experience and wisdom of you long time growers to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with a new grow.

Now just a couple questions.

I bought my soil (FFOF) from my local hydro store. The owner seemed very knowledgeable as I expressed my concern about possible nutrient burn on my new seedlings. I will be using small seeding pots and transplanting into 2.5 gl pots later. He told me to flush my soil with 3 to 4 times the volume with water to wash out some of the nutrients. Sounds like solid advice. My question is, has anyone tried this and, if so, do I just run 3 to 4 times the water through it in 1 go or run a third, let it drain, run a third, let it drain…etc.

My other question is.

I originally was going to go with the Fox Farm 3 part nutrients but he only carried large bottles that were a little pricey for such a small grow and more product than I’d probably ever use. He sold me the 2 part FloraDuo system instead. Much smaller bottles and subsequently much less expensive. My question here is, has anyone had experience with these nutrients and is this sufficient from seed to harvest or will I need something else to supplement. I’m already in this project for almost $500 and don’t even have my seeds yet! I’m not complaining, but I don’t want to break the bank either. The wife has been very understanding about this new “hobby” but we’re also in a “decriminalized” state so dumping a large amount of cash into something that’s not quite legal is not going to sit well with her.

Thanks folks for all of your insight and knowledge that I’ve already taken from here and I’ll keep you posted on my progress and hit you up for any more questions. I’m sure I will!



Welcome to ilgm! Be careful my fox farms ocean forest had bugs in it. Fungus gnats! Anywho Using different ratios, FloraDuo A (5-0-6) and B (1-5-4) can be combined to make the perfect nutrient for any stage in a plant’s life. This is your base nutrient. I used the 3 part flora series for my grow and later on I had to add calmag with it. As for flushing the soil i would imagine letting it run out the bottom of the pot, let it dry and repeat 3 or 4 times? Personally ive never done that, maybe someone else with more knowledge on that will know. I feel like that defeats the purpose of buying nutrient rich soil but to each is own. I have always used fox farms Light warrior to start seeds. Seed starter might give you a better start, better chance of it growing. Also 2.5 gallons might be kind of small you might have to switch to flower a lot sooner.

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Welcome to ILGM Glad you joined up and glad to hear you have been spending some time reading!

I wouldn’t do this…

Either take the FFOF back and get FF Happy Frog or something equivalent. Or keep the FFOF and layer it when you transplant into the larger pots. Some strains grow fine in FFOF with no issues and other strains just dont like it.

I switched from FFOF to FFHF and my girls started off with no issues and i layered in what I had of the FFOF when I transplanted.

2.5 gallon pots are really too small. 3-5 gallon for indoor and double that for outdoors.

What are you going to be growing for strains?

@Noctis420 I also had fungus gnats in the FFOF on my last grow, another reason I soured on it…


The Hydro guy did recommend Calmag later on. I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible for the first grow and adjust my technique as I become more experienced.

As far as the flushing method, my seedling pots are small and I’m only going to be flushing 2 of them. I figured I’m willing to “degrade” a small amount to protect my seedlings and use full strength soil when I transplant.

The final pot size was a question for me also. My tent is 32x32x63 and I’m only growing 2 plants at a time for personal use. I don’t smoke a lot and my state “decrimialized” less than 100 grams. I plan on ScrOGing the plants.

Thanks for the reply!


I have Northern Lights Fems coming from ILGM.

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Are fungus gnats something that can be combated or does it something you can’t recover from? I would be sad :disappointed_relieved:

Are you going to be indoors (I imagine based on the equipment! ) You are going to want 5 gallon pots for them.

Something like these work really well


The NL is a nice strain and grow reasonably well. I don’t recall how they reacted to the FFOF soil though.

I definitely would not flush the soil. That’s why you pay the money for it that you do, because it is nutrient rich. I know guys that have used FFOF start to finish with no issues, too! @Countryboyjvd1971 is harvesting his now.

Another thought would be go to your local hardware or box store and buy a bag of organic potting soil with perlite (no ferts or added nutrients) and mix it with the FFOF just to put your germinated seeds in to?

Anyway a few options for ya. Hope that helps?

Do you have a pH meter? I would also recommend using a TDS meter to measure the PPM runoff so you know when to start adding the nutrients to the soil (and I hear ya on the gallon jugs! )


Wow interesting on FFOF - my first grow with it currently and no gnats, great results

Have 2 Northern Lights, 2 Gold Leaf and one Blueberry in it now for 2 months

Welcome @silenthippie use 5 gallon
Pots, that’s a great tent size
For 2 plants - northern lights get big and will love that space

2 NL, 1 GL, 1 Bb in 4 x 4 x 6


You just have to let the soil get good and dry in between waterings and if you wind up with the critters you can add gnat nix to the top of the soil and Food Grade DE. Potatoes cut in half laid on top of the soil will also help draw them out. It’s a bit of a process to get rid of them, but it can be done. Not a deal breaker by any means.

And ok on flushing out a small amount of the soil. The FF soils are a bit expensive here on the East Coast so I tend not to flush unless I have too!


Looking into that currently. Thanks

My plant ended up with powdery white mildew after the gnats showed up I tossed that plant. I heard 3 gallon pots are good for small auto plants 2.5 is close enough.

I’ve got food grade DE, I’ll layer a bit on the soil surface as a precaution :heart_eyes:


@Noctis420 He’s growing Northern Lights Fems. 2.5 gallon pots are way too small for them. Just a heads up.

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Yeah autos are good for smaller pots but regardless needs 5gallon at least.


Hi there everyone new to the grow scene and I just started my first grow about a week ago. I have a 700w viparspectra dimmable light inside a 3x3 grow tent. I’m using FFOF soil. I’m growing White Widow Skunk. I have 2 plants this is what they look like. After 5 days in the soil. Tell me what you think

+1 on that Northern Lights was my outdoors strain and they need room for roots
IMO 5 gallons is the minimum bucket size indoors

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Looks like you’ve gotten solid advice from the crew already. I’m on my first grow as well and a lot of the same questions.

I’m am currently growing 4 plants indoors and started them all in peat pellets and then transferred them into straight FFOF with no issues. I wasn’t aware of the potential for nutrient issue right away, otherwise I would have probably gone with a combination of happy frog and ocean forest as @bob31 suggested.

Keep me updated with your progress. Let us know if you have any other questions about getting your setup right!


Hey yours girls are looking great!

May I suggest starting a grow journal so that we all can follow along with your progress and help out when needed?

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Thanks to everyone for the advice on the pots. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I’d reached my noob limit for posts.

I was concerned about height since my tent is only 63" tall but with the ScrOG, plant height shouldn’t be an issue and should help with density. Am I correct?

Looks like I’m in the market for bigger pots, Cal Mag, and a Ph system.