A question about lights and yields

A question from a fellow grower:

"G/Day there, i was wondering if you could help me with my yields,Im growing the Super Lemon Haze under two 600 watt lights,just two plants, the first crop from seed yielded quite good,but i have cloned a few and i just carnt get them very big,im cloning with a good growing florecent light,should i use a 400 watt hps to get them grow better,or should i just grow from seed every time? its a beautiful smoke,but maybe its not suited in eastern australia?any tips would be appreciated "

O.k. what spectrum is your lights and are your 600w light leds or mh hps lights?
I clone to and use a 6000k or 6500k bulbs for veg and clones. Yes leds do work in the 4k or 3k spectrum but i get better bushy clones with my 6000k or 6500k mh bulbs same thing with my 2ft florescent light.
1200watt mh and hps lights will produce big buds on just 2 plants
You are wanting at 50watt a square foot for mh and hps lights
35 to 40watt a square foot for led but also remember not all leds are made the same go by what the light consumption from the wall
The more in the blue spectrum the better for seedling clones and veg the bushier the plant
I Have a 288qb led and it’s nice but not the greatest thing for clones and seeds and veg compared to my 250 watt mh.
Hope this helps you and good luck

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I start my clones under a 125w CFL 6500k light bulb. Once they root and get going, I put them under 600w MH

Are we talking specifically about the clones getting bigger here? I would like to know size of fluorescent fixture, bulbs in use, how big the pots are for clones and when they were rooted please. Also, some pictures?