A question about lighting

I started from seed 2 weeks ago. Plants seem to be doing fine.
I’ve been running continuous light from day one.
I just read that isn’t so good.
Is it ok to switch to 18/6 or 20/4?
Thank you for any help.

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Yes. Many growers will run their lights 18/6 throughout the veg cycle for photos and throughout the plant’s entire lifecycle for autos.


@midwestGuy has ya covered! Switch your light. I believe they need some “rest” time.

Thank you. Wasn’t sure if I’d mess them up

I run 24/0 on sprouts/seedlings until rooted then run veg hours. You did just fine.


Same, 24 hour light for first 7-10 days usually. Despite what a lot of people seem to say, cannabis doesn’t need dark time while in vegetative state.

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They are all right… but … if you need to plant out in the spring, you may need to get creative with scheduling to prevent pre mature flowering. I run my lights at 18/6 for indoor veg and a few weeks prior to planting out, I reduce that to 16/8 in order to closely match the dark hours of spring at my latitude. Failure to do this will almost certainly result in premature flowering and then stalling and the reveg.