A Pot For Pot Grow Kit For My First Grow Ever

… And when I say first grow ever, I mean - first grow EVER. Not just for MJ, but really anything. Never really established a green thumb, but have been taking care of a house plant when I realized that I wanted to get something in return. And what better to harvest than the best plant out there?!

I plan to document everything I do, every step of the way, so I appreciate your patience if it gets excessive and happy you’re along for the ride! Any tips, tricks, advice, or help along the way would be amazing!!

I bought the full Pot for Pot 5gal grow kit paired with the Autoflower Mix Pack from ILGM - got myself a 450w Vipar Spectra light inside a 32x32x64" tent.

Seeds just came in today, so figured I’d get a jump on the process. A Pot for Pot comes with 2 coco bricks that you mix with water to fluff, and then they give you Mycorrhizae Rooting Booster Powder, Diatomaceous Earth & Perlite to mix in to create the top soil mix.

I filled the bottom of the grow bag with the Pot for Pot Super Soil, and then packed my top soil mix on top.

Decided to start with Blueberry Auto - only one plant to start out with so I can focus and learn slowly. The Pot for Pot Grow Kit comes with a Jiffy Pellet, so I soaked it in water to let it expand and now is currently sitting in its seedling cup. I’ve been seeing online to plant the seed in the jiffy pellet in the seedling cup and either transplant once a seedling pops out, OR since its an autoflower I can plant the seed in the jiffy pellet, directly into the 5gal grow bag. I plan to do the latter.

Right now I have the seed soaking in water - decided to use Trader Joe’s Artesian Bottled Water for everything, I’ll make note if I change that at any point! I live in Culver City, CA so if anyone knows if the tap water is good for later in the grow please let me know!!

I’m on my desktop to post this, but plan to post pics from my phone in a bit. I’ll also be back to update in about 12-24 hours when I finally plant - super pumped for this!!



Mixing topsoil, 5gal Pot for Pot Grow Bag,
Jiffy pellet, seed germinating, and where the magic is going to happen!

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Welcome to the forum and the world of cannabis growing. Don’t get discouraged when things go wrong, they will. Every seed has is own genetics and will be it’s own individual plant. Make sure you dont just plop that jiffy pellet straight into your transplant pot, the material holding the soil will not dissentigrate and you will cause your plant to become root bound very early in your grow. I learned that first hand. Ask A LOT of questions, we’re all here to help. Don’t over water. Read as much as you can about the strain you’re growing, knowledge is power and you will learn something with every grow. Get a a notebook and document everything, everything you do pertaining to your plant. That way you can look back if you have a problem and try to find why your plant is doing what she’s doing.
Good luck I’ll be watching.


Hi @Eppie02
I’m set to watch! Good luck on your grow :+1:t2:
Those kits are pretty cool! :grimacing:


Hey thank you @Psu8286 ! I read that the stress of transplanting the plant as a seedling may not be worth the risk rather than just putting the jiffy pellet in from the get go - supposedly with the nutrients and mix of soil and topsoil the pellet can work in there right away - but that’s why I’m here, to try to eliminate my rookie mistakes so thanks for the guidance. You think to wait til the seedling pops above ground?


It’s best if you can go straight from seed popping yo her permanent home. I soak seed in distilled water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide until tail pops out of shell. Then I move it gently to a wet paper towel folded and put in ziploc back in a cool dark place. Next day if you have a nice taproot put her in your permanent pot. That eliminates transplanting. I’ve had to transplant all my seedlings due my growing situation. Haven’t lost on yet but I did put my Amnesia Haze auto into shock but she pulled through and growing nicely. Everyone has their own way of growing and whatever works for you.


Once she pops up out of the soil you’ll want to use a clear plastic dome, clear solo cup bottom half of a pop bottle.

Sounds good so far good luck on your grow

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We’re planted! After soaking in water for ~21 hours, no roots and did not sink but went ahead and planted her about 1/2 inch into the jiffy pellet. Dug the jiffy pellet into the topsoil for moisture and gonna let it sit on a 20:4 light ratio.

My light is pretty cool it has different Veg and Bloom settings so I have it on about half the wattage (~225w) on veg (all blue/white light).

I have the light about a foot away from the grow bag.

Super anxious to see her sprout this week!

Not much going now, but always up for tips, tricks, and advice!!


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I think I’d start the light a little higher then 12"on a seedling. You’d much rather see stretch and bring it down then toast her and start over…lol what are the chances you squeezed the pellet of water, remember easy on the water…


Thanks @LoCoRock! I moved the light up another ~foot so it’s about 2 feet up.

For the pellet, I didn’t squeeze the water out but I did leave it sit for about a day before putting the seed in. A good amount of water dropped out

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Random question for y’all!

I don’t have any type of vent, filter, or fans going - will this be an issue?

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Is smell an issue? You will need a vent & filter for that. Also, you will need to bring fresh air in and have it circulating. You’ll want to watch your temp and humidity as well. I have a grow going in my closet. Smell isn’t too bad with just the 1 plant, and not so much of a concern anyway. The temp and humidity are good inside my house, so I just have a small fan in there moving air around and strengthening the stalk.

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Too early to smell anything still, but just doing one plant so hoping not an issue. Here’s a pic of my set up - It’s hot outside today and in the tent reading at around 81 F and around 45-55% humidity. I’m keeping the door to the tent open cause last night it was about 88 degrees and 80% humidity but once I gave her some air it cooled down. You can see I keep the window open and fan outside of the tent to move around. Think that’ll do??


Yea it should. You may need to do some tweaking…

I have one suggestion and it is only a suggestion. Put some cuts in that pouch before you bury it. Especially the bottom so the tap root has a place to escape. Good luck on your grow. You’re with a bunch of great people here.


Welcome to ILGM, looking good so far. Just keep a eye on the temp and and you’re off to the races! Happy growing!


@Oldsoldier1976 I found out the hard way about pellets and quit using them altogether. I never had a clue the stalk was about 3/4" for an auto. Still got some good smoke

Fresh air, fresh air, fresh air… Brings in new co2, circulates and toughens plants. Definitely definitely come flowering to prevent damp buds - damp buds no good no one wants that. You work with what ya got but get some of that breeze into the tent as well. Anything pop it’s head up yet? Did you just do one plant ? Which is a smart way to get to know growing I think, maybe 2… LoL

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@Oldsoldier1976 thanks! The pouch being the pellet? I took it out and made some breathing slits in the cover… hoping thats what you meant!

@LoCoRock I found a nice lil fan that i added blowing actually in the tent - still have the tower fan moving air around the room. Nothing above ground yet!! Patiently waiting for her to come up. and yes… 1 plant for now :slight_smile: slow and steady right…