A photo journal of the growth spurt to fill a 4x4 after 12/12 light flip @ 690 PPF, 1.8 Umol "Please follow"

Reach into clone storage , always the perfect size clone for what I need :mage:

Setup 4x4 tent with the annoying light "Makes me not feel well in tent, cant even read PH meter in there " Blue: 22.8% Green: 0.3% Red: 76.8% Far Red:.01% Fixed it about 1.5 years ago and forgot I had it.

Clone’s waiting for me to make them a new home. Plant doesn’t seem like it likes its new home/light either. Gave it a new res with a big cal/mag bump and will let it settle in before flipping to 12/12 and netting it on Monday 1/27

Next door 4x8 about 4 weeks out. I have another one of theses light and maybe switch light in other tent with one of theses.


It’s thick in there!


Canopy is looking great!


@Member420, I am tuned to watching and I am coming along for the ride, hope that you don’t mind. Looking awesome so far :v:

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Looking good. I’m set to watch

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Awesome. :+1:

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Taggin along, good luck with your grow.

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Nice. Following

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Nice canopy! I’ll be following

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Very nice I’m set to watch for sure!

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Dropped plant into EZ RDWC about 7 gals PPM425.

Clones loving light main plant not liking it

Need a burple light in there to see

give it 3 or 4 days to look good before I go 12/12 flip of use the QB260 and something else.

Roots look good, plant will be just find in a day or two.


Forgot about other tent


Looks awesome.

I would suggest covering clear lines with electrical tape. Or place towel over that side to block light.

Looking very nice !!!

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I use black air and water lines my self :v:

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Smallest pump they make,didnt think it would last 1 day and the rest of all the tubing I have is all black. If it keeps going i’ll tape the line.
I never really see any algae and after I flush plants I don’t even need to clean my system.
5 hours under QB’s and plant gooks good to go on flipping to 12/12. Just putting the clones in the bathroom and leave the light on, don’t have another tent ready yet "Its got to be special because the ferret’s can get at it and will try to break it.

Net is marked with zip ties where the plant reach’s now to be able to see growth


Move complete
Clones in their new home, they’ve grown a lot

New flowering tent done for now, 7 gal total res is to small.

Add a week to flower tent, just started changing colors

Back to 3 weeks till cut


To much SI plant doesn’t want to bend

Cant believe all you need to grow is 85w

A little more to flower


5 days under 85MAGAw

Turned the red on, didn’t like the way plants were growing on the high kelvin.

Mess all trimmed up on the bottom. They need to last 3 more weeks in there, with the small one being in there 8 more weeks before they are moved into a flower tent


About 1 week into flip

2 more weeks of stretch will fill tent up nicely, still only using the 2x288QB about 24" to get coverage till I turn on other lighting.
Clones will be ready to flip to 12/12 on the first day of moving them into flower tent

Bud on bottom thinks its ready

2 more weeks


Looking great :heart_eyes: