**A personal note to my NSA/DEA minder's**


Every single post on this, and any other site, written by me, concerns an absolutely LEGAL Medical Marijuana grow, under New Mexico State Law. It does not, and will never, rise to the numbers needed to trigger Federal scrutiny. DEA guy - I would suggest you start looking now for another job, or line of work. Once Cannabis Prohibition ends, as it is inevitably doing at this moment in history, they will need to let 80% of you worthless parasites on our society go. Just trying to be caring, and helpful. Even to people like you. Have a nice day!




Many are already defecting like my friend Barry Cooper, ex. Texas narcotics enforcement and detection agent turned political activist and marijuana reform activist. I don’t know why I’ve never mentioned him before. I’ve been friends with him on you tube and Facebook for a long time and he has tons of info on how to never get busted.



OH GOD,. I LOVE that guy!! Smoked a joint, and freed his soul. Developed a real, actual morality. Yes, he is doing a service to humanity.

I just exchanged emails with my Daughter in Oakland, Cali. She said ‘be careful’. Mac’, I simply refuse to be forced into any closets again. I simply refuse to live in fear, of anything, or anybody. Having be in the Fed joint, and being a lawyer, I know, sadly, that it takes 100 plants, or some huge amount in a sale (I think it is a hundred pounds?) to fall under Federal Law. I am completely and utterly legal under New Mexico law.

Prohibition is dying on the vine. In poll after poll after poll, 70 some odd percent of the populace are in favor of legalization or decriminalization for every man, an even higher number are in favor of Medical Cannabis. I was obsessed with politics for a couple of decades. It’s like a gigantic ocean going tanker. You turn the wheel, but the ship, very slowly, comes around to the new heading. The wheel has between turned, my friend. The folks in Washington D.C. are slaves to the polling numbers. From the big ‘O’ on down.

“The times, they are a changin’” Finally.