A Outdoor 3 Way With The Squatch


your phone is ringing @Sittingbull64
we are hoping everything is ok…


i’m glad you got them covered…i hope it hauls it out to sea!


Ugh, another one. Stay safe, my east coast friends!


42 degrees this morning …


Cooler here too. Got my clones in a small greenhouse at night. My little dehumidifier puts off some heat too. Hope they were comfortable last night. Still got a week before harvest on one and two weeks on the other.


I have at least 3 weeks. May have to build me a green house


Hey @Sasquatch @BIGE…ole sittingbull is still here just been on a journey last few weeks lol…and no I float away but damn near did…we sure could use some more rain before the year is out!


How are those autos doing @Sasquatch?


:joy::rofl::joy: too funny


@Sittingbull64 I’m ruining out of time. End of the month is 10 weeks. bucket #3 maybe done.it’s ahead of the other 2. Bucket #2 I’d say it’s a couple weeks behind. BUCKET #1 is just a little behind. With the colder temps bucket#3 is turning blue!


You will get there brother


A small update. My 1 Jack isreally turning blue. Neither of the other 2 have done this. Went down to 33 this morning.plants went under the house last night.balmy 60 under there