A Outdoor 3 Way With The Squatch

I thought Id jump in here with this…
The 3way … I decided to do my grow using sample packs of nutes, trying to get by cheap…lol Then I got interested in super soils so I thought why not try one. so what I have is
1 White Widow 1 Gold Leaf with Nectar For The Gods
1 Gold Leaf with Flower Power
1 Gold Leaf 1 WW in what I now call Semi super soil (I’ll get to that later…).

It all started on the 23 on March when 2 GL and 2 WW broke ground
The other GL and WW broke ground on 3/30 and 4/4

So after a rough early spring of really cold temps a few false starts we have great weather …
pictures to follow…

@garrigan62 @Sittingbull64 @SmoknGranny @highcountrygal @BIGE @Hogmaster @Loneviking @Laurap @TxGrowman and any one else that wants to tag along …


I’m here and ready for class :grin: Let the fun begin !!!

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Can’t wait to see I’m going to be restarting everything in a few weeks woohoo I’m jelly of everyone now :unamused:

@Sasquatch Now that’s a healthy root system!! Morning!


Let the growing begin! Cant keep from watching!

Root porn! Thanks for the fix. :grin:

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These 3 are 3 days shy of 4 weeks old. The Soil they are in is from a local ace hardware. Whitney Farms raised bed organic soil With a bag of Black velvet mushroom compost, 4 lbs of worm castings and some perlite.
Haven’t done a ph run off yet been a bit cool for that up to now!

Almost a month old here White Widow, Nutes are NFTG Seddling mix 1/2 gal every 3 days
Gold Leaf Nutes Flower Power Start (seedling) mix 1/2 gal every 3 days
Gold Leaf Nutes NFTG I/2 gal every 3 days


And now for my super soil lite girls. Funny thing happened when I went to mix the soil up… just prior to mixing it I smoke a couple bowls smiley-smoking-bongand kinda had a uh oh moment, any way heres whats in the soil recipe I also added 7 lbs of worm castings. put it all in a tub sealed it up keep it warm and moist ( I just love that word). The super soil ingredients were to mix with 1.5 cu ft of soil but I managed to mix it in 2 1/2 cu ft thus super soil lite. This was suppose to be a water only grow but now I’ll be using Bat guano teas to supplement the the screw up! . …

The one on the left is WW and the right is GL the gl is 22 days the WW is 17.
I ended up having to keep these inside longer than I wanted but it was 30 degrees outside! The yellowing on the bottom leafs is from not being able to feed them enough and they were getting root bound. Not any more. Home seet home is a 10 gal pot


These were taken today

the super soil girls 4 and 5 weeks old

The NFTG girls 6 weeks old
the the FP girl 6 weeks old


@garrigan62 @Sittingbull64 @SmoknGranny @highcountrygal @BIGE @Hogmaster @Loneviking @FloridaSon @Laurap @raustin beat yall to it… lol


Do you know you have a sasquatch in your garden? They all look like they’re doing really well, good job!


Thanks! just having a little fun with nutes… the difference in how they are growing is cool…


The stalks are super thick!


@Sasquatch Wow oh wow very nice and the background is beautiful!

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Yep the stalks are crazy. The FP one Ive tried getting a good shot in there. but there is a ton of growth going on there too.

Thank ya @highcountrygal It is beautiful here we love it!


Got quite a looker in the garden! Girls look awesome!!!


@Sasquatch is going to have some big ol’gals!!
looking great brother,i like the light green new growth…
they’re growing up so fast!!!


The knome of all knomes! At least no one’s gonna steal your plants @Sasquatch…at least I’m not! There are looking really good!

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Off to a great start! I’ll follow along if you don’t mind. Getting my outdoor grow started soon too