A one part nutrient with cal mag brewed in. Urban Farmer Garden of Eden. New pic

@garrigan62. @oleskool830 @Bogleg @MAXHeadRoom @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Growit @SmoknGranny @Nug-bug sry could only tag ten people ok this product is pretty new. Its release was late 2017. This product was created out of necessity. This came from the underground movement of urban farmers. Wanting a one part solution to get the best results. Now i started these plants on the garden of Eden nutrients and went to flowers and blooms. And i must say today is day 30 of flower is amazing. Now i use cannazyme because i grow in coco and it helps break down the old weaker roots and makes my coco ready to use for next grow. Cut the root ball and fill with new plant. I just did this with the plant i cut down. And i inserted a short stuff autoflower. I brought my ppm in my res to 250 ppm for a flush cycle wich i do once a week. Then durning the week i slowly bring it up 650 ppm. In week 5 - 6 i go up to 800 ppm with a flush at the end of week 6 this is a feed to waste hydro set up. One that i created.


Sounds good. Not a hydro person myself but I always have one foot in the door in on that one! @Soilgrowth

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This is a good soil product this nutrient is brew per order. Cant get any fresher . you should check out there site big soil plants.


This is the autoflower today. From today it would be day 5

@Soilgrowth what is that feeding dish called and where can I get me some?

Drainawaytray.com. drain away tray.

Sry floraflex 12.5 top feeding tray