A "non-definitive" Beginners Guide of What NOT To Do

I’m not sure of the interest in something like this…and I have not searched to see if there is anything like this on here already. The way I look at it, all of us will have a different perspective, different environment, different budgets and different goals. Here’s my thought for this little slice of digital space…if anyone is interested.
I’m thinking about logging my grow more as a story of a beginner messing up his first grow then thinking if I can complicate the piss out of things, add thousands of dollars of equipment, many hours wasted time with a rapidly declining since of motivation… Will I come out with a better product on my second grow?
If you guys are interested, let me know and I’ll start the thread…with photos, stories, receipts and tears.

If this is of no interest, no worries…I’ll read more and type less and learn more.

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Post away my friend . If it helps someone then you should go for it,to help them not make those mistakes themselves

That’s all the encouragement I needed! I’m also hoping this keeps me motivated so this doesn’t turn into one of my many other dormant hobbies.

Today I just picked up my low flow recirculate pump for my DWC setup. I’m hooking that up now then I’ll spend a few hours this evening getting everything up-to-date within this post!

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@xaero_cool best advice I can give you based on my first grow experience is:

Whatever your budget is for lighting, double it, triple it even. Spend it once on an efficient light, your yield will pay you back after you grow with it once.
I made this mistake.
You’re saving money by starting out hydro, which eliminates the cost of soil.

Second most cost effective solution is to grow with powdered or dry nutrients. It’s more cost effective in the long run than any organic product, or liquid nutrients. Nitrogen derived from fish, bird, or land, the plant doesn’t care, as long as it’s nitrogen when it needs it.


Never water from a water bottle that has been sitting. Always use fresh water. Had 1 too many plants go south just because I used that leftover jug of water I didn’t use up from the last feeding. All kinds of NASTYs.

Keep it simple. Nutes companies are trying to get you to buy into buying a million additives that just aren’t needed.

The most important need of the plant is the light. Dont skimp on the light!


For my indoor grow, i have been using a 5 gallon bucket with a air pump from an aquarium to aerate the water. It seems to be working great.

Do not drop all of your seeds on your first grow.

Plan on needing at least a 2’x2’ space for each plant on your first grow.

Establish two budgets for your grow. The initial, up front cost and an annual budget. Do your math, save yourself money.

Don’t over think it! If you have a rough early veg and your lower, older leaves look like shit - don’t sweat it. The plant will grow more leaves. Do what you can to make sure those grow in and stay healthy.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Imagine you are an Ent and then make your decisions accordingly.


This thread turned into an advice thread! Keep it up guys. I’ll start my thread over in the grow logs.


The #1 new grower mistake I see is not PH’ing your water. Too many times we see growers post ,"what’s wrong with my plants? and the first question is “what’s your PH?” only to hear “I haven’t checked.” Ph every watering and keep track that way when you measure runoff, you have a reference to where you need your water to be. Best advice, don’t drop seeds without a PH meter.