A new guy. Please read

Greetings fellow growers.
I’m new to this forum so let me introduce myself. I go by the name” N.E. Greenhouse Guy”.N.E. stands for Northeast (US),and I own a greenhouse. It’s 25’ X 50’. I have attempted to grow 3 times and have failed miserably. My first failure was because of Botritus, a type of mold that set in a couple of weeks into flowering. It moved fast and I’m sure the two rather large fans used for air circulation didn’t help.My thinking at that time, was that I had used clones that were very old and that the plants DNA has eroded.The following year I tried again with new and fewer plants (35). I was wrong. I didn’t even get to flowering when the mold returned and wiped out everything. I learned then, finally, mold doesn’t die during the Winter months. I also learned you should put a floor in your greenhouse, which I did.I used a heavy duty vinyl covering sold by the same place that sold me the greenhouse. Also, I learned to clean the greenhouse with a product called “Klean Grow”. It kills every type of mold or fungas knowen to man. I also used a product called “Cease”. It will kill any mold or fungas that infects the plant. I used it sparingly, for fear it would affect the potency of the plant. So this past year you would think my crop was successful, right? Wrong! The plants bloomed free of mold. Before They could mature to full potency, I was hit with unusually cold weather. The nighttime temperature fell to 30 -40 degrees for a week straight. The mold rushed in and took over, I lost all but a few lousy pounds of “Fair” pot. So now what? That will be in my next post. Thanks for reading this.
N.E. Greenhouse Guy

Sounds like you are not keeping a good eye on the humidity maintained in your greenhouse. You need a way to keep this stable and not let it get to high. Lots of air circulation helps to keep the humidity in the immediate area surrounding the tight buds and crowded vegetative growth has a chance to disperse and equal out to the humidity of the rest of the room. The two rather large fans used for air circulation should help, you might need more, but if you have lots of mold spores, yes it will blow them around. You might need better ways to turn over the air in the room and/or you might need to invest in a dehumidifier. If you can keep the humidity down, even viable mold spores will have a hard time finding a suitable home to start to become a problem in the first place. I would still do a good job of disinfecting the entire greenhouse between grows with the stuff you are using,.