A new challenge RDWC

Lol yup. Might be it. Only 11 days… 7 weeks isnt super mature plants. Now if they where 10 weeks and u flipped it’d occur faster


@Countryboyjvd1971 I just read your reply on another thread which pertains to my situation.
Take a look at this thread, thanks.

Looks like a few pistils there. Are you sure your light is completely out when timer goes off? A few have had polarity issues, will leave a few leds dimly lit

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I will check it when it goes off.


Looks good!

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Yeah; pistils and nice tight node spacing. New growth a bit pale but nothing bad I see. Check for light leaks and check any electrical equipment too for spurious light.

We had someone here who had one light fixture wired opposite the other and when lights were off they glowed. That was a problem.

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It is completely dark at lights out.
I cut back on the nitrogen with the last nute, may be why the growth is pale.
Seems like right now all I’m growing is stalks and fan leaves.
Beginning to think its heat stress, temperatures are close to record highs and 10 degrees above normal.
Supposed to get some relief tomorrow.

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So what is your nutrient load and which line are you using? TDS and PH?

I’ve been using Fox Farms and the usa hydro transition week nutes.
I changed the res on sunday, 10 gallons w nutes. I’ll replace that this week with straight water then change the res again. I adjust the ph to 5.8 daily as I has been going down to 5.0. ppm stays between 900 and1100. plants are drinking 1.5 gal/day.

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I would try to bring down the TDS to 800 to 900 at the point you are at. The PH fluctuating is pretty common with small rez size.

Ph usually does go down a little during flower.
I added a couple gallons of nutes today and the tds was 873.
Its been two full weeks since the flip and I’m still waiting for them to do something, bloom or hermi.
I’m read to start over if I have to.

Update pic? U had pistils days ago. Lets see the tops. Honestly i think ur just being a tad impatient. They should have the start of crown formation. Then my double black took 3 weeks to trigger. Sometimes it just takes time

Here ya go purp… I read a post in another thread where the guy said two weeks. You actually had one take three weeks. I’m not feeling inpatient I’m afraid they are going to hermi.

These plants are in my garage and I can’t get the temps down. Day and night time temps are 10 to 15 degrees above normal.


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Today marks 16 days since the flip.

There flowering now…:wink:

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Yes they are!


Well that is a record for me. My last three grows 10 days was the longest I had to wait for flowers.
In the two weeks since the flip they have stretched a foot and I have been bending and pruning every day just to keep them in the tent. I’m still nervous about hermi because I not sure why they took so long.


If your plant is sativa dominant or is expressing itself that way that could explain the longer interval.

This first pic looks questionable. Can u focus on the top. Believe i see both parts