A new challenge RDWC

Hello again fellow farmers. This is my second Journal and will be my fourth grow. My first was WW and it was a huge success, the second was pretty good and the third was ok.

I spent a good deal of time researching all different types of set ups and the problems associated with each. Heat is my biggest problem. Not wanting to spend a ton of money until I see If I can do this, I tried to incorporate stuff that I already own. I still had to buy a bunch.

Ilgm Feminised Banana Kush seeds
260w HLG Quantum boards
Fox Farms Nutes
Tent is small 2x4x6
2 five gallon food grade black buckets
50qt igloo cooler for the res
Air pump and stones
450 gph water pump for water fall
Tent has a four inch exhaust to the attic
Day and night temps 10 to 15 degrees above normal.
a ton of Ice

This grow is in it’s fifth week right now!
I’m gonna have to keep you all in suspense tomorrow.!



I’ll be watching

Best of luck.
I’ll be watching as well.

So I dropped the seeds on August 15 in anticipation of cooler fall temps. I haven’t had anything growing all summer because it was just to dam hot and I was really busy with work. My former employer informed me on August 1 they were cutting our wages, notice I said former. Well I got to work on building this two bucket and a res hydroponic set up.

I bought a new little veg light 65w HLG board to use In my bathroom closet to start the plants. It’s a great little light with almost no heat.

I had originally dropped one banana kush and a chronic widow but the chronic never popped. I dropped another banana so one of these plants I four days older than the other.
I put them in rooters surrounded by hydroton pellets and hand watered for two weeks.
After the threat of hurricane Dorian passed I moved them two the tent and their new homes.
Course after the hurricane passed the temps were 95 degrees. The water in my system was getting to 86 even with ice. Originally I tried a 17 gal tote for the res but I switched to a cooler soon after that.
Plants did well and doubled in size in one week.

Because of the heat I have been using Hydrogard and changing the res every week.


Some photos for your enjoyment



IMG_3220 IMG_3224
So this is where I am at today.


Tag some new and old friends


Looks great!


Excellent job on the SCROG training


Looking good!


Looking great!

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Nice work, set to watch!

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Nice looking so far: looks like you have heat managed…

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Hey @dbrn32 glad to see you are still around.

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I hoped you would notice.

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Hi Matty.

Thanks for stopping by.

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It’s still a constant battle. If the nighttime temps would go down some it would be easier.

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I found some water weenies at an end of summer sale yesterday, just the right size to insulate my pipes and a little more color to my tent. It actually helped more than I thought It would.