A much deserved applause

I know many have done it before me and many more will follow, but it is now on me to offer up praise for our Angel here at ILGM.

@ClaireILGM is the best!! I got mixed up in sending a private message and it somehow went to support instead.

Not only was she helpful in her suggestions, when I still found I couldn’t follow her simple direction and had my brain farts kickin’, here she came to my rescue! Problem solved!

I don’t know which genius put her there, or if it was a group decision by the founders of ILGM, but y’all also get an applause for placing this Angel in our midst! I don’t think you could have found a better person to help all of us here when we get in our own way!

Thank you again, Claire! Not trying to embarrass you, but a job well done demands recognition. YOU ROCK!!!


Welcome to our team , a very small dedicated servants to the most health giving plant .