A male intruder

Yesterday I discovered a male Gold leaf plant and I’m devastated. Once confirmed I immediately removed it but I am worried that all my plants are worthless now. Some of the balls flowered already and shot out the pollen. I purchased feminized seeds (blue dream and gold leaf). I never had this issue With feminized seeds so I really screwed up. Am I too late? image

Do you have anymore pictures of the gold leaf plants? That picture isn’t very clear, but it looks like I see some pistils in there. If that’s so it would be a hermaphrodite not a male. Again, hard to say for sure though.

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How about this? I hope I’m wrong. It just looked completely different than the rest of my plants.

Any feedback on this or the close up picture I posted? I’m looking for some clarification on the sex of this Gold Leaf and would like to know how a feminized seed would do this.

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Sorry I didn’t get notification when you posted picture. That looks like male