A little white mold on top of soil


I’m a beginner first off.I let my seeds soak for about 4 hours and they sank.I bought them off of this site which were completely on time and everything that were advertised.after I soaked them I put them in soil.I have 2 questions.how long should they take to sprout.and a little bit of mold showed up.I removed the mold.but am wondering if this will affect anything.any advice would mean a great deal.


I’m afraid I’m not following but then I haven’t had coffee yet …could you explain, if you’re getting mold on soil of just planted seeds something not doesn’t sound right about that?

…you’re saying the seedlings are not even sprouted yet and you have mold ? …is that right ? What kind of soil and how wet is it ?

I had some soil stored wrong and I got some mycelium on top so I’m not exactly sure could you get a picture by chance


Yes.forgive my explanation I haven’t had coffee yet either.I let them soak for a little while and didn’t wanna take the risk of the papertowel method so I put them in store bought soil with no fertilizer.they are in red plastic Dixie cups in the dark with holes in the bottem of the cups for water to leak out.should I add light?how long will it take them to sprout?and when I checked them this morning there was a little not a lot but a little mold on the top of the soil.I heard that this can be beneficial but for some reason I don’t believe it like I said I’m a beginner but don’t want to lose my seeds.


The soil is called earth gro.and seemed like good soil.it was damp not soaked nice consistency it seemed.but no my seeds had not sprouted and I just put them in soil and was trying to go the all natural way I guess.


I’ve already removed the mold or I would take a picture.


I think it’s more likely a mycelium you can Google it and find out about that if you’re not familiar, but either way I wouldn’t worry about it

I wouldn’t be scraping too much more off tho, you want the seeds at least a quarter inch down try to keep them warm somewhere 78 - 82 is my recommendation until they sprout

  • good luck!


Thank you very much.so I’m still in good standing and haven’t done to much wrong?


Well now I didn’t say that because I don’t rightly know but I wouldn’t worry too much right now I’d be more concerned with getting my seeds to sprout up … just keep an eye on it and let us know what’s up and pictures really help


Hey you should add some light , i think thats why you are seeing mold, from being moist and cool in the dark. They usually pop with some light on them and a lil moisture on the top soil. I use flood lights so they produce a lil heat but pop them good, maybe u should try soaking them in water to get taproot, then plant


Like I said I’m a beginner but I did just that.I forgot to mention in what I wrote yesterday that I put Saran wrap over them but while I did this and had them in a warm dark spot of course humidity happened I think so I took that off and this morning when I check them they had all sprouted I Got 5 out of 5 of the strawberry kush I have a 600 watt high pressure sodium light about 30 to 40 inches away luckily I have plenty of room but don’t want to burn my plants up I absolutely love the seeds that I purchased and I’m very satisfied with my order I would like to know what I should maybe add to the soil after I get them out of the Dixie cups that I have them in of course I have holes in the bottom of them to make sure water flows out but like I said I’m a beginner so any advice would be great.thank you for your response


For nutrients i use a alaskan kelp 0.13~0~0.60, green bottle, can get it at lowes for 10 dollars. Seems to work good. I think you can use it for flower and veg stage. Ask @Majiktoker is more knowledgeable about the nutes


Hey @hammer you got any experience with this Kelp nutrient? Just wondering. I’ve been needing to get a kelp additive for my girls, but I’m not sure which to get. I know many people love the Liquid Karma additive, but I was always hoping someone would explain it to me better.


Hey @ktreez420 in the post to flush or not to flush @latewood explained liquid karma to me I can’t seem to figure out to paste that here as a quote but it is close to the end . I got some and use it on mine now and the girls love it


Dont have an explanation other then it works great lol, i thought the liquid karma was for transplants


Liquid Karma is used to help de-stress your plants. I thought it has kelp in it too?

Or am I just being dumb and mixing things up lol?


Idk man lol, i read one of the mentors saying to use it for transplants, so yeah for stress lol. @ktreez420


Can nebody tell me if its good to have a humidifier in your grow room?


It’s good to use if you need/want your humidity levels down. But don’t forget, it puts out heat, so you’ll need to be cautious of the heat levels.


If you having low humidity issues then yes it’s good


Not sure i would add it to a DWC .some nutes that work well in soil don’t do well in hydro ,and may add a non beneficial bacteria . to the hydro .,but when added to soil would be of no consequence . one gross example ( Human fecal matter ) can be used and is in some places to amend the soil ,but if used in hydro Will cause rot and decay …Ps Iam not a fan off the Alaska series of products … Hammer