A little sun from time to time

I’d like to know if it’s productive to take my plants outside from time to time. I’m picky about outside conditions when I do let the girls go topless in the sun. The only draw back I’ve seen is gnats seem to show up the day or so afterwards.
I’m growing under 4’ T5 lights and some low wattage LED grow lights.
Thanks in advance for the advice.

Nothing is better than the sun to grow anything with.

There are a couple folks who use a grow tent / room in conjunction with outdoor light.

You for sure risk bringing in pests from the outside, I’m on my first grow but mine are outside all the time. Covered porch for heavy rainfall only.

Let’s tag someone in here with more experience than I on this front.


I moved some plants in and out of my tent at one point. They managed to pick up scale bugs and infect the rest of my tent grow including my mother.

So, now I don’t mix outdoor plants and indoor plants.

If you’re only using the tent for the few plants you bring in and out I’d say go for it. It’s a pita but we all learn by doing.


I was taking my clones outside and it really helped them get established. The warmth helps too

Sounds like it’s not such a bad idea to take them outside. I need to get some diatomaceous earth to offset the gnat issue.


Gnats are a sure sign of over watering FYI.

I do a hybrid grow under led’s and sunlight. I do it for the cost savings and understand (and deal with) issues related to outdoor growing.

You are working with much less available light indoors which will adversely affect yields. I would be in the sun as much as possible.

I took my girls out every chance I could. I called it taking the dogs for a walk lol long story short I’m at battle with fungus gnats right now. Saturday I actually gave some H202 and flushed them. Hopefully they will disperse. It’s up to you, have to weigh the risk for rewards. My thought is I can get rid of pests but not bring an exact replica of the sun in my grow room. Hard to beat the natural light source

Sounds like I’ll get the sun when I can and smash gnats on the other days. I agree the sun is the ultimate source of light. It won’t be too much longer and it’ll be too cold for plants outside anyway.

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Sorry, but I grow inside for a reason. Bugs, bud-rot, mold, bugs… Not worth the worries. Buy better indoor stuff if you want to give them a treat.

Did that a few times. Got tired of dealing with hungry bugs that REALLY liked my girls.

I dun do dat no more…:scream:

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