A little professional advice please

Is it time to harvest or should I give it a few more days?

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Let’s see an overall shot of the plant in white light along with a representative cola. No closeups please. When did flower start on plant?


Also waiting for more picts. With all the white hairs left in the one pict I’m thinking weeks not days.


Thanks… I’ll post pics of the plant later today. I’ll look in my daily log to see when I noticed first flower.

Do you have a loop or other magnification devise?

I do have a loupe.

Look at the bud not the sugar lief.


Overall pic of plant is what was asked for. I agree it will be weeks not days.

Im not a professional:( , I can’t comment on this

It will be tomorrow before I can get more pics. My grow is not close to home & I just ran out of day. I appreciate your input.

That was really unprofessional

We can all voice our opinion

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Professionallly speaking …

To be honest, I’ve looked and looked and lookeddd at so many pics like that, but yet I’ve never been able to actually tell from that… lol

You don’t have to be a professional to know how to grow some of the best indoor… well, I guess outdoor too… TRUST ME… lol

Being professional only means you got paid to do something. Even if it is done wrong if you got paid your a professional lmao.
I would shoot for some Expert advice.