A little overwhelmed need some help

So I got my soil happy frog, an oceans forest. Also have coco loco perlite garden lime an worm castings an Dr.earth . now I made 4 concoction with what I got but then was told u need certain amounts

The only thing that would make a big difference is the amount of dr earth you mixed in. The ratios of the other stuff is not that important.

How did you mix this?
Did you do the same thing 4 times or just wing it
How much coco to soil did you use?
Ffof is hot mix alone

With oceans forest none coco . it arrived late like the light warrior. But I’m new to all this fancy soil n fox farm trio mutes I bought n I’m trying to find the right way to use this I’m told to wait about 4weeks to add any nutws then i m told not to .but I bought a few things n now have no idea what quantities should b added of city train things an if or when I should start using nutes

I did however make up 4. 2 northern lights 1 happy frog n coco loco with some Dr.earth,worm castings ,garden lime . n the other is HF/OF with worm castings little garden lime n little Dr earth . I didn’t realize till aftefi planted them how overwhelmed I was n almost said what did I jus do but IMA see what happens still wanna learn proper ways tho

My suggestion to you is to not get carried away making up mixtures unless you go with a proven recipe by a skilled grower. You shouldn’t wing it or you can get yourself into trouble.

So am I right, you have:
Fox Farms Light warrior, Happy Frog, Ocean Forest and Coco Loco. Worm casting, garden lime and dr earth dry nutrient and perlite?

If so, my suggestion is to get to know what the various products are and what they and do for you.

Light warrior is a seed starter. Most seed starters are hydrophobic in nature in that the naturally repel moisture. If you pour water on light warrior, the light warrior will float, you need to water with a spray bottle. Advantage is it’s hard to drown a seeding as it begins to develop. Some have a short acting fertilizer and others not, but if one were to use just seed starter you would have to repot or feed once the seedling comes up or lack of nutrients will stall out the growth.

Happy Frog is a mild soil mix with extra fungus and bacteria added to enhance growing medium and root health.

Ocean Forest is also a soil mix but lacks the fungus and bacteria but has more things added to feed the plant. For seedlings it is considered a bit harsh but can feed a plant longer.

With soil mixes, the bigger the pot the longer you can grow without the need to feed your plants.

Coco Loco is a coco based product with extra stuff that provides some nutrients, but in general, coco based products require completely different growing techniques. One of cocos many advantages is that it offers great drainage which is why it might get mixed in with a “recipe”. Serves a similar purpose as perlite in a soil grow, with a few advantages and disadvantages of its own.

Worm casings are a form of nutrient heavy in nitrogen. I use it top dress my soil after 3-4 weeks to replenish the nitrogen in the soil.

Garden lime is for buffering the soil for pH control, all of the Fox Farms products above are already buffered to proper pH, guessing on how much lime to add might only screw stuff up. Some add lime mid grow as an attempt to correct the pH of the soil, but it requires monitoring of runoff to know if and when it is needed.

Doctor earth should not be added until the nutrients in the soil are consumed. Monitoring runoff is the best/only way to know for sure when and how much to add. You can try guessing, but again, something that shouldn’t be needed until mid grow and should start at conservative levels.

If I had the above stuff and wanted a soil grow I would start out my seeds in a small pot with happy frog in the bottom 2/3 and light warrior on top. The seed starter makes it hard to overwater and the happy frog feeds it once the root develops. Once the leaves extend beyond the sides of the plant it is ready for transplant. At this point I would transplant into a mixture of happy Frog and ocean forest. They both have perlite added, but if you wanted to add a little more it wouldn’t hurt, you would just have to feed a little sooner.

Hang onto the coco loco for another grow once you get one or two soil grows under your belt. Coco is a completely different growing experience then soil and everything you learn about soil you do just the opposite when growing in coco. If you get to this point start another thread.

Good luck and enjoy


Thank you so much I bin going nuts reading thus reading that n I’m like wtf… But thank u u put it in simple form I appreciate all the time u took to help me I’m going to do excatly what u suggested but I’m going monitor what I already got planted am hope for the best

Sorry to bother you but it’s jus happy frog n oceans forest no light warrior needed for when I make the transplant…

Light warrior only used to start seeds, no need to mix it in with the rest.

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Thank u … brother man thank h very muc