A little help with my first grow

cutting leaves of does not have to be a case of cutting your losses however im in the same boat as you "learning so let me tag a pro who will know for sure and happy to put you on the right track, at a guess yellow could be ph afew weeks back. @oldmarine @THCgull @Nicky @dbrn32 watch the help flood in @THCgull

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Their pretty much dead yup, doesn’t really matter. It will shed them when it’s ready or you can cut them now.

Your lights 250w I would say drop another seed asap.

It’s been a learning curve right, but autos let you learn fast. You have enough light for 2 plants. Fire another up.

Thnx for the tag @whatbuddyboy


@Nicky I’ll start germinating another seed. Can I just let this first plant stay in the veg stage for a while until the second plant gets going? Also kinda embarrassing but suuuuper basic question here. For nutrients I have the little fertilizer packets directly from ILGM and have the chart that says how much to give weekly but is there a preferred method of delivery over dissolving it in a jug of water then using that to water the plant?

Your plants already in flower that’s the 2nd reason I recommended to drop another seed.

Also the way to freed nutrients is the ay you described it.

Are you monitoring PH with a quality PH pen? If not you’ll need to buy one apera starter kit with all the fluids is the best value.

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Another update I think. Currently at 6 weeks from sprouting.
Plant seems to be improving, no drooping, slight discoloration at the tips of newer growth so I’ll keep an eye on that. Getting the water cycle down by checking the weight everyday, thanks for that tip @MO_Grow417.
For future grows, even though autoflowers don’t need the switch to 12/12 should I be increasing my dark time? Currently at 18/6.

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I rock the 18/6 the entire grow. Some on here have been using a 6/2 cycle (6 on 2 off) through the day and finding really good success. I think DLI is the best way to determine your cycle. If you need a few more hours to get DLI up then I would do so but 18/6 is great. I wouldn’t personally do 12/12 unless forced to. Just my opinion, no experience on that to back it up. :v:

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She’s looking good btw. You turned her around. Way to go. Should make you feel good! :clap::clap:

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It does! Pretty exciting to go check it and see improvement when things start going right. I had to do some battle with fungus gnats a while back and those are gone so things are on the up and up fingers crossed!

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