A little help please

I’m a first time grower. My baby is getting a little to big. I was wondering if I should top her or is it to late. I’m think I’m in the second week of the flowering stage. This is white widow auto flower.

I would supercrop her.

I wouldn’t top her. You could, as suggested, try some supercropping, but the stems might be too woody for that.
I’d at least try to bend the top cola down a bit. Your light is going to give the highest cola some decent density, but if the rest are that far below (as they are now), everything below the top 10"-12" is going to be larfy.

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Like this

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Next time keep the light as close as possible to the plant so it does not stretch and get very leggy. Additionally a stronger light will help.

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I was thinking a gentle bend, but that will work if it’s not broken.
You can probably lower your light now too.

I smooshed the stem being carefully not to break the skin and I lowered my light. Got to love the internet. Thanks for your help


Helps to do some good LST as early as possible and topping as well. Scrog works very good at keeping plant height. Mines in flower too and only around 14 inches.

I would tie it down if you haven’t already as it will stand back up if you don’t

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Yes just like your wife @AAA. :joy::joy:


Hey i was wondering if i can get some help here too … I think my plant stayed short … Shes been in veg 5 -6 and shes tiny

Fill out a support ticket so members can help you.

Did you recently transplant?

No like 5 -6 weeks ago