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Following the grow chart how many times a day do you feed ??it gives everything but how many times a day to feed

Twice a week. Monitor your PPMs. Watering and not letting the soil dry out between waterings is something that cannabis won’t tolerate.

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Thank you plants are doing well will this twice a week be true for all of the nutritional powders I purchased?? Don’t want to screw up my babies

A good guideline is to saturate your soil when you water and then let your soil dry out between waterings. How often that is depends on the size and the health of the plant and the size of the pot you are in. I have two 3 ft tall plants right now in 10 gal pots and they need watered every 3 to 4 days.

If you have seedlings, then they need very little water and water should be measured in milliliters. Wet / dry cycles remain the same. Cannabis won’t tolerate overwatering.

What you feed depends on what soil you are in. Most soils won’t need nutrients added for the first month of the plant’s life. It’s best to ignore manufacturer feeding schedules and monitor PPM and feed accordingly.

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@oldschool do you have fox farm chart

How big are they to I burnt my up using fox farm be careful

Start off once awake when they get three to four weeks than go more when they get older go to twice aweek

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How do measure ppm ??

Bottom leaves are yellowing need from tip to stalk need to figure out nitrogen problem plants are 5 weeks old