A little help identifying the one and only unknown strain in my collection

Hi there I’m new to the forum, but have a little bit of experience in outdoor cultivation.
Mainly from unknown seed strains several years ago, however am pleasantly surprised with the available expertise now on the interwebs.

I am currently in the third week of the flowering phase of a smallish indoor setup which consists of a variety from the high yeild mixpack
Big bud
Amnesia haze
I have been impressed with the quality of the seeds purchased compared with what I spent trying to seeds gotten “from the street!”
I did eventually remove the unknowns over the duration of selecting the best plants to move through the next phase of the grow.

However I have kept one that has intrigued me from the start, which was the best starter, had the fullest undergrowth and looked completely different to any I’ve ever seen.
It has very narrow but long leaves (which is leading me to believe it is Sativa)
But strangely enough has only formations of 3’s.
It did achieve a little amount of 5’s, but returned to sets of 3 once the lights were dropped to 12/12hrs.
Has anyone seen this before and is it likely that it’s a genetic trait, rather than a deficiency of some description?
It has been in exactly the same conditions as the others kept, and looks just as healthy and thriving.

My main reason for bothering to keep it, is because of the intense potency of even the leaves and new shoots trimmed off it.
Thanks in advance

Not experienced enough to help out, but I can Welcome you to ILGM forum. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Got any pics??? Love to see it

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I’ll have a go trying to get a decent picture and post it once the lights come on later (it’s at the back of the tent and the lights have a strange affect on my camera, possibly due to the frequency? Or my camera don’t like bright lights?).
Here’s a shot I took at 3 weeks from the seed, that’s about as advanced as the leaves went before returning to perfect 3 form once again

Maybe its ducksfoot

Like a crossbreed with ducksfoot. Idk never seen just threes. Definitely interesting

It tried it’s best to step up with running the limits on nutrients and constantly raising the lights as it grew (had them as close as possible without wasting the beam width)
But as soon as I trimmed off the smallest amount of shade leaf, it gave up on trying and now all new growth is almost perfect threes!
It’s going to look really cool once the flowers thicken up with these poking out of them.
I look at it to be easier to manicure with less waste?