A little help for a newbie who just found bugs on his outdoor soil

Hello all
First grow and have a few gold leaf autos in NLS, but one in a pot for a pot kit. Last week we hit 95 for a few days so I sprinkled some COM compost on the top of this one plant for “insulation”

Two straight days of rain thereafter and just went to check on the ladies. The pot in a pot plant has a some dark small bugs crawling around the top of the soil.maybe one or two flying or jumping but can really tell. They are also too small to photograph.

Any thoughts appreciated on whether I should take some steps here? I’m into the second week of flower, so not sure if that matters with a remedy.

I do have some of the ILGM pest control but can’t tell whether it’s appropriate during flower…
Thanks in advance for any suggestions….

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If they’re coming out of your soil the most common answer I’ve been getting is food grade diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle it on top and it’s razor sharp attributes kill any larvae or creatures trying to crawl out

Neem oil and captain jacks are 2 sprays that are used a lot here for bugs

DE is effective against crawling pests as mentioned above

Mosquito bits are supposed to be effective against fungus gnats


I’m growing in 100% compost from the compost pile and it is full of creepy crawlers of all shapes and sizes. Figure it’s just part of the eco system. Plants don’t seem to mind all.

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I use this method and some sort of soap. I dont use soap after i see flowers but never had to at that point.

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I can get behind that

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Put a sticky trap in there then you can look at them w eyeloup