A little help confirming this is the first sign of bud rot

Hello, yet another newbie with a first grow question.
Just saw this one bud is discolored. Also found a caterpillar on one of her sisters. Can someone confirm this is bud rot so I can formulate a plan of action?

Ilgm gold leaf auto
66 days from sprouting
Outdoor in FFHF with Natures living soil amendment
3 gallon fabric pot
One small dose of coast of Maine buds n bloom and a hit if recharge once or twice

Waiting on a loupe so can’t get trichromatic pics yet, but I’m thinking it’s a week or two away from harvest….

Processing: 48058005-DB88-45C7-93D3-F2ABF2BCA6BF.jpeg…

How about an overall picture of the plant and one representative cola?

Finding a caterpillar means you didn’t find a bunch more. Caterpillars burrow into flower, make themselves at home and proceed to destroy it. If you open that flower up I’ll bet there’s a worm in there.

I like to use both alternating weekly and you can spray all the way to the day of harvest.

Any outdoor grow should plan on doing a bud wash in peroxide.

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Don’t know if all the pics were posted. So here are a few

Processing: C3166B97-5B45-46A0-A81F-D0756CFD4522.jpeg…

Pics seemed to have stalled so I’ll try again
Plan is to cut this bud and wait another week , unless consensus here is to harvest and cut loses while I can