A little help and pictures of my grow

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Here is a picture of my ILGM WWA, AFFI Fems and a Sativa Surprise.
From bottom to top:

1)Heavily fimmed female SS. Every branch fimmed. I have plenty of room and am experimenting with it.
2)AFFI1 No modifications.
3) AFFI2 Bottom 4 nodes super cropped. Top fimmed at node 6
4) WWA1 No modifications and flowering.

Was feeding straight Fish Emulsion. Switched to Fox Farms Blossom Booster. The first application generated some amazing results.

Everything looking good so far. The biggest WW is flowering at 40 days. (WWA and AFFI 40 days old)

Here are some pics of another SS I moved into my tent. It has yet to flower or preflower. I think it is male but am not sure. CAn anyone tell?

THrow it out? Wait? 90 days old.

All comments and suggestions on anything welcome.

I also created a tracking spreadsheet for future reference on problems and successes, If anyone wants a copy holler.


Can’t tell anything under theked need natural light for any kind of diagnosis

Honestly, I can’t see anything in that light. Could you post a pic in some natural light, please?

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Don’t laugh at the view of the full size plant. I have long suspected male and have been practicing Fimming and Supercropping.

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plenty of time to see if male pollen develop. hang in a little longer. the plants will show…eventually

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