A little confused on what to do

Here are two of my girls.
They were planted on feb 11th.
My question is:
The girls are getting tons of leaves up the stalk. I was going to switch to a 12/12 light cycle and get them to flower but I’m not sure if it’s time yet. I have asked about flowering switch over before. It was about week and a half ago that I made that post.
They have been getting some excellent sunlight here and they just started blowing up their stalks! Which I’m super happy about but now I’m not sure what to do.
Do I let them keep going, trim, or switch to flowering?

Are you just using sunlight through a window?

No. I have a light.
It was super warm and ice here the last three days so they have been outside on the deck. (Noone can see onto my deck)
They have been on a 18/6 light cycle. When I can ingest them into the sunlight. I’m lucky enough to have good sunlight majority of the day.
I use both artificial and natural light.
Is that bad?

I am not into quick growing. I’m very new and learning so I want to make sure I go slow, do it right, and learn

What happened to all your fan leaves that are missing?


I’d let them go for a while, if you flower now, it will be a tiny yield.



I asked in this thread for you to fill out the support ticket. I’ll ask the same thing.

Coming along pretty good - #2 by Bubblehead

It also helps you to keep all your questions in one thread. That way you can look back to one location and find answers to questions previously asked. I have a hard enough time keeping track of one journal. :woozy_face:

My grow shop said to keep the bottommleaves trimmed.
Am I not suppose to?

Not that early. Seriously, let them grow out for a while.

Get an oscillating fan to put a GENTLE breeze across them. You need to strengthen the main stalk.

Wow, no, that was not good advice, specially at that stage of vegetative growth, the plant kinda needs those leaves to do photosynthesis and stuff and healthy leaves should not be removed at that point.


Ok I will try to do that. I’m sorry.
I just didn’t think it pertained to my original post because they are further along than the previous post.

Ok thank you.
She gave me good advice on soil and feed so I went with it. I will let them keep going and know better for round two.

Trimming the lower leaves is common, but after they’ve filled in…a lot more than now.
If that shop saw the stage your plants are at, and directed you to trim that much, I’d take their future advice with a grain of salt.

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When you fill that out it lets us see what your plan is and it is easier to lend a hand. I’m with @Hellraiser let those leaves grow.