A little afternoon sun for the girls

White Widow and Strawberry Kush planted January 6. 23" tall, taking advantage of a sunny day but grown under full spectrum led’s using Black Magic organic soil and fertilizer. Water is from our pond which is naturally around 6.4 ph. My second grow. The two little ones are clones.


Wonderful, just wonderful… Good job !

Thank you! I am not in a hurry. I’m enjoying the process and so far it’s been fun and stress free. I harvested almost 10 ounces of bud from my first 2 plants which will last for the next year or more. I’m being a little more aggressive on supercropping these and they are responding well.


Really nice looking plants. Keep 'em going !

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Very nice, good job ,keep it up .

Happy Growing

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I had to repot all of them yesterday as they were root bound AGAIN. Amazing how quickly they grow. They really benefit from time in natural light as opposed to being under artificial lighting. Thanks for the positive comments.

Ah yes, sunbathing beauties ! ! lol

Did you consider going to a fabric bag? You can get better aeration and the roots self prune themselves (it’s called air pruning). They have good strong handles on them. I am not lucky enough to have a big grow space like you but I do know that my last grow, just harvesting now, was an exceptional yield for a tiny space. The plant was healthy like no other grow I have had.

I am a gardener at home also and have switched to grow bags instead of large pots. Many reviews from other gardeners swear by them and will use nothing else now. I am putting my tomatoes in a 20 gallon fabric pot. Looking forward to a great growing season and lots of tomatoes.

Just thought I would bring that up ! Jerry

For my first grow I finished two plants of unknown provenance. One in an approximately 8 gallon pot and the other in a 5 gallon fabric pot. I felt the 5 gallon pot was too small and the plant stalled out at 20 inches tall. I had a good yield otherwise. I may go to 10 gallon fiber pots on these, or 2 of these to see how they do. I like the concept and they are strong enough.

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Tag me if you do, I am really happy with the experience that I had in my current grow. I will post the root mass after I harvest her TOMORROW ! CAN’T WAIT.

Here is my journal. Jerry

Will do. I have one now and will pick up the other next week. Two of the girls are going outside full time for now to push flower phase, then I will bring them in as the days get longer and bring out the others. Trying to stagger the grow and work it in around a trip to Europe this June.

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