A little advice please

My ladies don’t seem like they’re putting on any weight and I’m wondering if they might turn out to be Lil popcorn buds instead

I’m about 20 days into flowering

Whatcha growin?

What strain are you growing it looks pretty early in flowering

20 days since flip or 20 days of flower?

Growing 2 northern lights I’ve got the one shown in a 3gal fabric pot and yea I guess it is still pretty early in only 20days into flowering but I thought this was around the time they start to fatten up. They do have tons of crystals though

I changed the light over to 12/12 back on the 5th of this month

2 northern lights

That puts U 1 week into flower. The first 2 weeks of flip are transition. She looks right on track.


:open_mouth::open_mouth: oh wow! That puts my timeline around mid August guess that makes sense

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You got to get some of this. Works great, trust me it does


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